Friday, March 8, 2013

Five for Friday-March 8th!

Happy happy Friday!! Thank the Lord it's Friday! Kerri here...

I am doing my favorite thing on Friday...linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky party! YAY! I just love doing this!!

First Up...I am LOVING my Class Dojo app, and so are my kidlets! They are SUPER DUPER motivated to get points next to their little monster guy for good behavior, and equally horrified to lose points for bad behavior. You can also sign up on the computer and project it onto your SMARTboard or whatever, if you don't have an iPad. It works the same and the kidlets go WILD when they see their monster with points next to it!!

Next...Literacy Week! We had an AWESOME CRAZY week this week celebrating all things Seuss, with different events every day for Literacy week. Monday was wear red and white day (ala Cat in the Hat), Tuesday was crazy socks day (I rocked my turquoise argyle socks!), Wednesday was like Halloween all over again, with everyone dressing up as their favorite book character (just call me Hermione Granger!), Thursday we had PJ day (see below), and today we had the BEST. ASSEMBLY. EVER. called "The Imagination Machine"! Actors perform our students stories on the stage and it is always wickedly funny!
Snowman PJ's...nice and cozy!

The Imagination Machine-LOVE!!

Isn't this Truffula tree fab? Made from a pool noodle! GENIUS!
This is my Harry Potter keychain. I told the kids that I shrank him with one of my spells! Isn't he so cute!

Third...Art Masters! Our wonderful PTA pays for us to have 4 Art Masters lessons per year, and this time the kids learned about George Seurat. Here was their inspiration...
This is called Pointilism! Aren't I fancy pants for knowing that artsy fartsy word??
And here are their umbrella creations...

Love these!! They made the pointilism style with sand paper and crayons!! classroom library. The place I love so much and the bane of my existence at the same time, because my durn kids WILL NOT put the books back where they got them!! Grrrrr....
But I super love how all of the books on the top shelf are leveled for AR, and the kids can find them so easy. AND, I have 4 more bins you can't see that are beginning of the year easy readers (0.4-1.5), perfect for September!
Like how my labels are all mismatched?? It makes me twitch every time I look at it! I'll worry about it this summer...
Finally...Cat in the Hat portraits and stories.These just make me smile...
Yellow seussical!

I love the added bird!
That about sums up my week. I am ready for a BIG OLE STIFF DRINK. Anyone with me??
This one will do me just fine, I think!!

XOXO Kerri B


Tamra Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing the behavior app. Sounds fun! We'll have to look into it...may be a good "extra" motivator for when it gets closer to summer.

:) Tamra and Sarah
First Grade Buddies

Kim said...

Those Cat in the Hat portraits are too cute! I hope to use class dojo soon..if I can ever get 5 minutes to figure out why it isn't working! Have a great weekend!

Angelia said...

Pour me a drink with you! Glad this one is over. Love that truffala tree!

Extra Special Teaching

Ramon Abajo said...

A Sunday on la Grande Jatte by G. Seurat. I love that painting and the technique! Congrats.

Fonts 4 Teachers
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Jenny said...

I love this post!

I love ClassDojo. I dabbled with it last year and switched to using that full time this year. I love how easy it is to give parent feedback. The kids that used to do just enough to be sure that you didn't contact the parents now know their parents know everything!

That is my all-time favorite painting. So neat!

Enjoy your weekend!
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Sue said...

Great Post, Jenny! We too, at my building are doing the same things you are with Dr. Seuss. I love that Truffula tree-genius! Thanks for sharing! Sue at

katie said...

I love this post!! Looks like you had fun. I am a California blogger as well.


A Basket Full of Apples

Heather said...

I know what you mean with not putting the books back in the correct bin! :) I've seen quite a few teachers blog about Dojo. I'm going to have to check it out!

All the Dots

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