Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for Friday-March 15th!!

Happy Friday, Friends!! Kerri here...

Well, I did it! I survived all 22 conferences, and they all went wonderfully! Let me tell you, though, it was H.A.R.D. having conferences all week when we just had the time change on Sunday. I was DRAGGING hard core all week! I am so happy it's the weekend and I can sleep in tomorrow!

I am linking up with Kacey for her Five for Friday linky party, as usual! I just love love love this!

First up...Squiggle Stories! I introduced my kidlets to the magical squiggle story using my Squiggle Story writing pack...

And they LOOOVVVED it!! I was so super impressed with what they come up with. Here are some examples of their creativity...

Not too shabby for their first try! And they were all so different from each other!

Number 2: DUCK DYNASTY!! Peeps, I am OBSESSED with this show, and so is my whole family! I seriously cannot get enough. They are hilarious with a capital H!
Jase is my favorite because I find him handsome, beard and all, but Uncle Si is the hands-down the best of the bunch. I could seriously watch this show all day long. If you haven't checked it out, you MUST DO IT!!

Next one...naked baby butts.
Why do first grade boys become complete fools whenever they see a naked baby butt in a book? I mean really, they are sooooo immature! One of my little guys was carrying this book around showing all his buddies during class. All the giggling gave them away! YUP. That landed his clothespin on yellow for the day, fo shizzle!

Number 4-Erin Go Bragh Math Centers!
We had bunches of fun today doing all kinds of St. Paddy's Day math centers from my Erin Go Bragh pack. Here they are in action...

adding and subtracting using number words


matching numbers. number words, and tallies
Last, but not least, WICKED! I am so so excited because my dear friend Amy is taking ME on a date tomorrow night to see Wicked! OMG!! She got tickets for her birthday and she asked me. I cannot wait. I even got myself a pretty little dress to wear and everything!

Alrighty then, I'm out! Off to Soup Plantation for dinner and then I will be collapsing in a heap on the couch and watching Duck Dynasty all night long. HEAVEN!
XOXO Kerri B


Techie Teacher Tales said...

OH my goodness! I have always wanted to see Wicked. You lucky girl! And my fifth graders would have gone crazy if they saw the naked baby butt. I know they have problem seen worse.

The Polished Teacher said...

Those squiggle stories came out great! Their creativity is amazing! I have to check out an episode of Duck Dynasty. I have been hearing a lot about it lately! Have a great time at Wicked! It is absolutely stunning! It is tied with The Lion King for my favorite Broadway show. You will have the songs stuck in your head for weeks and have to download the music album! Can't wait to hear all about it!


Kim Gierahn said...

I do squiggle with my Kindergarteners. How did you intro it? I was curious if you talked about and modeled an example first or just let there creativity go. I model and then of course they all want to draw what I drew. Just trying to get them to branch out a little :)

RealOCteachers said...

I love the squiggle art activity! I saw Wicked last weekend and it was amazing! Have fun!

Heather said...

Is this your first time seeing Wicked? Oh my goodness - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that musical and the music that goes with it. You're going to love it!

All the Dots

Angelia said...

I love your Squiggle Stories. I'm so impressed with the different stories. Great idea!

Extra Special Teaching

Beany said...

Must be a kid thing to giggle at butt pictures. . .they do it in K too. And if anyone kisses anyone in a book the boys are like "ewwww". Even when it is a mom kissing a baby, or an animal kissing another animal they still do it! The girls usually say "awww".

1stgradefireworks said...

I'm your newest follower! CA Bloggers! Stop by and say HI! wendy

Tamra Sarah said...

I've always wanted to see Wicked! Conferences are tiring, I agree with that! Sounds like you've had a productive week!
Tamra First Grade Buddies

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! My husband and I are in love with Duck Dynasty right now, too! Jase is my favorite, and we just can't get enough of old Si! We've been catching ourselves starting to catch ourselves talking in an accent! Haha! Anyways, when Wednesday night rolls around we'll both be 'happy, happy!"

~Heidi V.

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