Friday, March 22, 2013

Five for Friday-March 22nd

Hallelujah, it's Friday!! Anyone with me??
Hi Friends! Kerri here...

I am linking up as usual with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for her weekly Five for Friday linky.

Okay, first up...WICKED was TOTALLY WICKED! Like I am SERIOUSLY dying over here. It has been almost a week and I keep thinking about it, singing the songs, watching you tube videos. Oh, I was SOOOOO in heaven last Saturday night! Here is a picture of my dear friend Amy and I (I call her my sister from another mister, since we kinda look alike, and we are SOOO the same in so many ways, it's creepy!)

Next one...Kite art from the fabulous Cara Carroll...this seemed like it would be so perfectly easy, but for some reason it was a living nightmare! Why is it that even though I spelled WOULD correctly on the SMARTBOARD, a ton of kids mispelled it in their cloud??!!! Look at the board, KIDLETS!!!

I swear to you, I was ready to go straight GHETTO on those kids! Grrrr... Even though it was hellish, they still came out pretty darn cute!

Georgia friends, can you GO to the beach in Georgia??

Do you notice the added pencil on this one?? Yeah, her pencil got glued to it. Whatevs...I told you it was a nightmare!
Number new stamp from Doodle Bugs Paper. I LOVE IT!! Oh my word, this thing is the cutest thing EVAHHHH...

My kiddos are equally in love with it, and they positively go giddy when they get to stamp it on their paper! 

Number 4...endless lamination! I swear to you (again), I am FOREVER cutting out laminate! As soon as I am done, I make new centers and laminate all over again. I plan on cutting this ginormous stack out from my Spring Things centers this weekend, while watching re-runs of New Girl (I am OB.SESSED, peeps!) Schmidty rules!!

Who's That Girl?? It's Jess!

Finally...PARROTS! Our school is having an art fair and each grade level was asked to make a different type of bird. Kinder had penguins, Second made bald eagles, Third made puffins, Fourth-owls (yes, I am jealous!), fifth, I can't remember, and 6th got peacocks. Well, First Grade got parrots, which is PERFECT, since I make these for my Open House Rainforest theme, and they came out super cute!!

excuse the smudge, I smudged out his name...

They are so bright and pretty!! These are in my Rainforest Art and Writing Unit, along with 9 other rainforest animal art projects. 

Well, I'm going to my daughter's Silent Auction tonight with one of my besties, while my hubs watches the kidlets. Dinner isn't until 6:30! Do they not realize that we eat dinner at 5?? I am going to fall over from hunger by then! SHEESH!

Catch ya later, peeps!!
XOXO Kerri 


RealOCteachers said...

I seriously laughed out loud over that pencil being glued to the kite! Happy Friday!

Carrie H said...

Love your Five! I especially loved the "hellish kites." Maybe because I can really relate! My kiddos are having a difficult time with anything to do with writing and I am having regular incidences of "flog the teacher" and "feel sorry for myself" one right after the other. I think the answer about the mis-spelling and other difficulties is that it is March. Seems like all the kids are restless no matter where in the nation you live and that things they "should" know or "did" know they just don't right now. Happy Friday, thanks for sharing!

Jean Robinson said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Wicked. My BFF got me tickets for my birthday this past summer. It was AMAZING! And I am OBSESSED with that stamp. Way cute!
Diving Into 2nd Grade

The Polished Teacher said...

Was Wicked not the best show you have ever seen? I think the kites turned out adorable even if they might have been a disaster to make! I love the stamp! I am thinking of getting a stamp myself so it is great to see one in action!


Jenny said...

The kite? The stamp? The birds? Love it all!

Enjoy your weekend!
Suntans and Lesson Plans

Natalie said...

Yes, we have beaches in Georgia! Not close enough to me, being here in Augusta, but only a couple hours away :)

Teachery Tidbits

Diana said...

Those kites are super cute even if it was miserable making them. I know my class would be gluing pencils down too at this point. I think they all have spring fever!

Chrissy said...

I just love the parrots! And the kites turned out great. Hope the auction went well.
First Grade Found Me

Anonymous said...

Oh My I can relate to project madness! I LOVE the one where the pencil got glued to it, I am still laughing at it ,too darn funny! The kites are still adorable!


First Grade Buddies said...

Your kiddo's kites are super cute! I love New Girl quirky! Have a nice weekend.

:) Sarah
First Grade Buddies

fuzznuts said...

Kites are beyond cute. Do you use Daily Five where you are? If I had to prepare all those centers and then laminate and cut everything I'd go nuts. Daily Five rocks! There is no preparation once you have up and running. I also use a reading program throughout the week for guided reading and skills. There is a separate writing period for writing skills and write traits. I do all of my word wall activities first thing along with morning message. I get everything in. I see alot of blog posts with lots of these center things and I'm just plain stymied by it. Way too much work! I don't know how you girls have a life. :)

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I love New Girl! So hilarious! And I am loving that stamp!!!!

{Mrs. Wheeler}

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