Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Art, a couple freebies, and a CUTEY CUTE Holiday Craft!!

Whew! Can I just say how stoked I am that I get 5 whole days off for Thanksgiving!! YIPPEE!
Hi Friends! Kerri here...
I know this is AGAIN too little too late (just like my Haunted House post!) but here are a couple of art projects my firsties did this week to get into the Thanksgiving spirit...
Check out Mrs. B's Turkey Rescue...

Eat more coconuts?? WHAAT?? I love it!

This guy's waddle is fabulous!

We made these little guys after we read this super cute, vegetarian friendly (like me!!) story...
We also made Pilgrim and Wampanoag Portraits, and wrote a poem about their first Thanksgiving...

Have I already talked about how much I love First Graders' artwork? It is just so authentic and charming!

Click the pictures below to get your own copies of the "Save a Turkey" paper and the Pilgrim and Wampanoag paper (for next year!!)...
Save a Turkey

Pilgrim & Wampanoag Paper
We also made Stone Soup as a class after reading the story, retelling it as a class, and sequencing a Stone Soup poem...Here is our Stone Soup chart that helped us retell the story. I let the kids label our chart this time (you would have thought I let them have a puppy for a class pet!!) and they did a great job!

All of the kids brought in the ingredients and we cooked the soup all day today in crock pots. Of course, we HAD to have pumpkin pie with it!! The pumpkin pie went over a little bit better than the soup, but the kids had a ball making it!! :)

And...Here is a SUPER SIMPLE, uber-adorable Holiday craft that I cooked up with the help of my daughter, Katie Bug! The wooden plaques are 5x7 from Michaels ($1.29 plus my 15% off teacher discount), and I used white, blue, green, and red acrylic paint, and OF COURSE, my favorite teacher's helper of all time, MOD PODGE!! (Please excuse the smudge next to the snowflake...I was being impatient and the paint was not all the way dry when I started to mod podge on the snowman. DURNIT!)

TADA!! I am so proud of Katie's artwork!! And, it is so simple and old-fashioned, which I also LOVE! Hope you can use this idea, if you are in need of a Holiday gift for your parents from your kiddos!

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I'll choose a winner tomorrow morning, after I sleep in! YAY!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends! Hope you have a blessed Holiday!


Sue said...

Your turkeys turned out so cute....I love how you made the "Save a Turkey Eat More.." into a display board.

I am sending you some Thanksgiving sunshine on my blog.
Happy Thanksgiving
Sue :)

YearntoLearn said...

Eat more coconuts. Gotta love it.

Yearn to Learn Blog

jbales said...

Can I be in your class? It sure looks like a fun learning environment. Thanks for sharing.

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