Friday, November 11, 2011

Holiday Words Up and Running!!

Hiya Peeps!! Happy Veteran's is sunny and 70 here in Cali, and I have been holed up at my computer getting the Holiday Words ready to go on TPT! This is what I do to put off doing my report cards...just call me Little Miss Procrastinator!
Here is a sneak peek at the holiday words. I added another activity  so you will get a grand total of 5, count 'em, 5 fun filled activities to do with your kiddos during the month of December. Here is what's included!

This packet includes everything you need to help your students learn Holiday Words and write about them! 5 activities are included, which can be used in your literacy centers for the whole month of December. Writing Activities include:

1. Holiday Words Book writing center-picture/word mats, lined paper, and cover

2. Holiday Words ABC Order activity

3. Holiday Words Rebus Sentences activity-sight words included

4. Write your own Holiday Words Story paper

5. Holiday "Making Words"-letters included for word building

Click on the picture to go to my TPT store!
Well, I'm off to get ready to take my 8 year old and her friend to see "Jack and Jill"! Ugh...wish me luck, not exactly my choice for a movie, but you know how that goes...being a mom!


Miss Kindergarten said...

Very cute!! I didn't know you were in Ca! Me too!! What part are you?? And EW, I can't believe you have to watch that movie! Seriously, good luck!

Miss Kindergarten
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Unknown said...

First Grade Blue SKies

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting through the movie!!

I'm in Cali too and it's crazy how sunny it still is. I'm ready for some winter weather :)

Delighted said...

Loving it!! It's on my wish list!

First Grade Delight

Jennifer said...

Looks great!!

Jennifer A.

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