Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Boo-Hoos

Happy Monday Blogger Buddies!  Lindsay here . . .

Hope you all survived the Halloween madness with your kiddos! This year I missed out on the costumes, the candy, the parties, etc. as I was home with baby Jack . . . The countdown is OFFICALLY on - only 10 more days until I am back at work - YIKES!  (Although I'm not sure yet if my hubby will be able to pry Jack out of my fingers that morning and actually get me out the door . . .)  

Anyway, I don't have anything truly academic to share on this Monay morning, but I thought we could all use a good laugh instead! This YouTube video is a clip from Jimmy Kimmel -  He asked parents to tell their children that they ate the rest of their Halloween candy and catch it on video . . . and the results are hilarious, and a bit frightening at times too! Pay extra special attention to the two little boys at the end - they are my FAVORITES!!


2+2=5 . . . Classic!  Hope you enjoyed it!  Happy Teaching folks!



Mrs. Ann Greene said...

Loved it! Thanks for sharing! It's always nice to have a good laugh. The boys at the end were priceless.

Chrissy said...

LOL! That is hilarious!


Andi said...

I LOVE this! So funny. Kids go nuts over their candy!
Thanks for sharing,

Kristin said...

Oh this was perfect!! I loved it! Thanks for sharing. Those boys at the end were hilarious - I loved how the older brother told the younger one that he was so close with his answer to 2+2. :) :) :)
Good luck in 10 days. Let us know how it goes!!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Mrs Wheatley said...

I laughed so much - I'm worried that I may be in the wrong profession!

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