Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spooktacular TPT Sale and Halloween Graph Freebie!!

Hi Friends...Kerri here!
I can't believe we have STILL not had Halloween yet!! I mean, come on...just get this thing over with already! Are your kids a spun as mine are?? Seriously,  like little jumping beans all over my classroom AND we still have to teach them on Halloween! Thankfully, in our district, the kids don't have school on Tuesday, so the teachers can RECUPERATE with a little staff development! HA!
I forgot to take pictures of our Haunted House art yesterday...BOO...oh well. We direct drew a Haunted House on brown construction paper with a black sharpie, cut it out and added foamy Halloween stickers to decorate. No biggie, but they came out cute! Have I mentioned that I am a hoarder of foamy stickers (Halloween, Valentines, ABC's, what have you...) I can't get enough of them. That reminds me...I better get out to Michaels today and get some more! :)

I have a little freebie for you...A spooky spooksters Halloween Graph! I use plastic Halloween themed rings that I picked up a few years ago, but I also included picture cards if you don't have the rings. Copy as many card sets as you need, put various amounts of each type of card into a baggy and let your little pumpkins sort and graph to their hearts content. It may be too late for many of you, but save it for next year!! Hope you can use it!
Click on the picture to download...Clip art courtesy of DJ INKERS :)
Halloween Spooksters Graph

ALSO...In honor of that lovely holiday LOOMING over our heads, I have decided to throw a 
TPT SALE!! That's right...everything in my TPT store (all 5 items!) are 20% off through Hallowen. You can still get your Thanksgiving Words writing pack for next week...on SALE!!
Click the links above to head on over, and have a great weekend!


Jennifer K. said...

Too cute, I am going to print them out and save them for next year! And yes, my kids are completely off the wall right now lol!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Unknown said...

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