Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deconstructed Jack-o-lantern Art!

Happy Saturday, friends!! Kerri here...
We had so much fun making art this week! I cannot take credit for this art project...I got it from my wonderful next door teaching neighbor, Mrs. Bell. Last year, this project shall I put it... A HOT MESS, but this year, it was MUCH MUCH better! Fabulous in fact! My class this year is SO artistic, and I am so proud of how neatly they print. It really does make life a whole lot easier. Now, if they could just perfect their self-control, we would be GOLDEN! (Can I get an AMEN??)
We made a magic oval (cut the big corners and then the baby corners) out of a rectangle and then used our *RULERS* to draw straight lines that were equi-distant apart. Wow, did they feel FANCY using their rulers. It was so cute! After drawing the lines, they cut the pumpkin apart and then had to glue it back together like a puzzle. This part was TRICKY, but they all pulled it out in the end! Here they are...
love the mouth on this one

Cyclops eye

Happy pumpkin

I love how bright and festive and unique they are. For the writing, we used candy corn paper and wrote the poem:
Pumpkin, Pumpkin
Big and Fat.
Turn into a 
Just like that!

Click on the candy corn for the candy corn paper.

I also wanted to share a couple of pictures of the Halloween Words Writing Center in action. I am BLOWN AWAY by how much my kids have grown in their writing after using these mats for just 2 months...
One of my ELL students writing.  He wrote " I got scared from a mummy." Cuteness!

Don't forget to pick up your Thanksgiving Words Writing Pack from my TPT store to use with your kiddos. Only one more week until November! I CANNOT believe we are going to have Thanksgiving upon us before we know it. YIKES!!



Jennifer said...

AMEN on self-control! These are so cute! I have a question about your writing center. Do your children write on more than one page per day? Or does it just depend on the student? About how much paper are you putting into your writing books? (What I've been doing simply isn't working!)

Rowdy in First Grade

Kerri and Lindsay said...

Hi Jennifer,
The children can write on more than one page a day. It depends on the student, but I DO make them color the page before moving on. They only go to this center for 15 minutes a week, so the average student completes 2 pages per day. I put 6 pages folded in half into each book, but I run the writing paper back to back so the whole book has 24 pages. If you have speedy speedsters and they write a sentence about every picture before the month is done, I have them go back and add another sentence to each page, OR choose other words that are thematic to add to their book. Hope this helps! :)
Kerri B

Kristin said...

Really really cute jack-o-lanterns!!! :) And I'm right there with you on self-control. :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Jennifer said...

Thanks ladies!
Rowdy in First Grade

Rebecca said...

These turned out GrEaT!!!

Kimberly said...

I agree. AMEN on the self control thing! Love your blog and your work! I'm awarding your blog the BLOG on FIRE award. The post about it is scheduled to appear on my blog tomorrow morning.
Funky First Grade Fun

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