Monday, October 24, 2011

Catchin' On To Our Color Words!

Happy Monday Blogging Buddies!  Lindsay here . . .

It's so strange to be at home creating things for my dear little kinder kiddos who I haven't even met yet!  I am excited to see what progress they have made so far this year, and ready to help them really take off and get ready for first grade when I return to school next month!

One of the things that always amazes me is how quickly these kiddos pick up their sight words!  We practice writing them, tracing them, singing and dancing them (HeidiSongs anyone?? Love her!), hunting for them in text and around our classroom . . . we even play dice games with them!  Of the 40 words that my kiddos learn, they are responsible for also learning their color words.  This freebie is a great practice for color words.  Your kinders will cut out the color words and glue them onto the worksheet to match the words, then practice writing the word themself, and finally color in the box in each row the correct color! 

Click on the worksheet image below to link up with the whole PDF file. Enjoy!

Off now to pick up the house, finish the laundry, eat and who knows what all else before baby wakes up . . .



Grade ONEderful said...

Just found your blog and I LOVE it! I grabbed a few freebies. Thank you!!

Grade ONEderful

Alice Williams said...

Wow thank you and God bless :) I was just about to cover color words tomorrow and happen to go to ur website and find this perfect freebie to go along with it. Thank you for your hard work :)

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