Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Writing centers up the WAZOO (plus a FREEBIE)! and SCARY 6th GRADE!

Good Evening, blogging buddies! Kerri here...

Whoa! I think I may have discovered my kryptonite today. Like, for reals. A while back, I shared with you that I always tell my kids (while I am putting on my lipstick in front on them, which has to happen, or else I CANNOT teach. Call me vain. It's true!) that I am like a super hero and lipstick is my source of power. They totally BELIEVE me. One time, a little cutie found my lipstick bag (yes, it DOES have it's own special bag, along with my gum, which is my other source of power), and as she brought it to me she said (direct quote), "Here is your source of power!" I. DIED. It was the best moment ever!

Back to my kryptonite...6th graders. They are soooo scary to me. Taller than me, raging hormones, bad hygiene, curriculum that is WAY over my head, you get the picture.
One of my teacher friends called me today and asked if I would pretty please watch her 6th grade class because her daughter had an earache, and all I would have to do is teach them a math lesson and take them to P.E. Ummmmm, did I hear her right? TEACH THEM A MATH LESSON??!??? As in, TEACH. 6TH. GRADE. MATH.??? Is she out her flippin' mind?? Does she not realize that 

A) I teach children how to add and subtract, not do direct proportions where n over whatever equals something or other?  

and B) 6th graders scare the CRAP out of me??

Well, I seriously started to have a panic attack. Do I bring over my manipulatives? Teach them a proportion song? Have them sit in a circle on the rug and use their wipey boards? WHAT THE HELL, PEOPLE? I was seriously freaking the freak out. 

To make a long story longer, I put on my big girl panties, said a prayer to the 6th grade math gods, and made my way ALLL the LOOONG WAAYY across campus to the 6th grade wing. When I got there, I think she sensed the UTTER TERROR on my face because she told me I didn't have to teach the lesson (bless her), and the kids were going to work the whole time, which they did, quietly, on task, like little worker bees. I was B.O.R.E.D! When I left, I told them they weren't as scary (or smelly) as I thought they'd be, and one of the girls said, "See? We're not that bad!" True dat! HOWEVER, they still are my Kryptonite!

WOW...that was the longest tangent ever.
 The real reason for my post is to remind you all, or maybe fill you in for the very first time, and let you know that I have over 40 writing centers in my TPT store available for purchase, and they are only $2 each! I have like EVERY SINGLE topic you can imagine. Each pack includes 2 types of paper to use, the themed writing mat, and a cute cover if you want to make a mini-book.

I pulled them all out yesterday, threw them on the floor, and let the kids each pick one to use when writing a story. THEY WERE SOOO STOKED! It was literally like Christmas morning in my room. One of my littles even told me, "I can't believe how much I wrote!" HEE HEE!!  

Here are some pictures of their writing in action...

Wild Wild West

Arctic Life

Once Upon a Time (FREEBIE!)


Things That Go!

Super Heroes

Here is a picture of the left over writing centers that didn't get picked this time...

These writing mats can be placed in binders for the kids to use when they are writing in their journals or put in hanging file folders on the this...

 You can get any and all of my writing centers individually, or you can buy my writing pack bundles at a discounted price. They are bundled by theme. Here's a little sneak peek...

And, finally, your writing center FREEBIE! My Fairy Tale Writing Center! All for you...for FREE!! Click the picture below to access this file via Google Docs!
Have a good one, Peeps! Survivor is on tonight...Happy days for me!
XOXO Kerri B


Beth Ann Kempf said...

These are awesome!
Thanks for the freebie! I am definitely going back for more!
❀Beth Ann❀
Taming My Flock of Firsties

Brenda said...

So cute!! And thanks for sharing! I'm starting Fairy Tales soon & this is perfect!

Primary Inspired

Brenda said...

Primary Inspired

Sarah said...

wow! I really love these :) Thanks for the freebie!! I'm putting some on my wishlist ;)


Tamra Sarah said...

We love this idea of giving kiddos the word list to generate their story! Thanks for sharing the freebie!

:) Tamra and Sarah

Kindergarten Myles said...

I have many of these. I love bloggers with clipart addictions because they make the greatest writing centers. :) jk. One of my darling took all the writing centers out of the nice folders recently. So I had a huge stack I was flipping through today to help a child find a word..shhh...I finally just spelled it for her. I love my kinders but I spent several summers teaching Algebra to 6-8th graders until one summer I decided they were too ...middle schooly for me anymore. Seriously love the writing centers - the Habitats were wonderful for my beginning ESL who was happy to have something to write about from pictures even when he didnt know what our topic was.

Emma Goliff said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these writing centers! My kids clap, yes CALP, when I bring out a new card! They especially love the Star Wars list! Thank you for the freebie--it will go perfectly with our Fairy Tales unit and the lists I bought from you last year. :) Can't wait to bring it out!!!


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! Amazing! Thank you for sharing your great writing ideas....I can see my class getting soooooo excited!

~Heidi V.

CJ201006 said...

Love this! My kiddos will have fun with this!

Amy said...

Thank you!

Julie Marciniak said...
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Julie Marciniak said...

Thank you so much for all the fabulous writing ideas!
Your Writing Center Bundles are being added to my cart as we speak!
My kids will LOVE the Fairytales unit! You are so thoughtful to share it with us!
Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

Karen Stamp said...

It was SO FUN seeing all these writing sets in action! Thank you for sharing this freebie as well... love it!!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Sitting Behind Homeplate said...

This is great for our fairy tale writing we are doing right now. Thank you for the freebe and I've already have some of your other sets in my TPT check out.


SamuelB said...

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