Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Whole Bunch of Randomness Post, and a FREEBIE to boot!!

Good evening, blogging buddies! Kerri here...
This post is going to SUPER random so bear with me!

Randomness #1-
First of all, I survived my first camping trip in our tent trailer! YAY me!! We went out to Julian on Saturday to camp and it rained on us through the night, but I did not get wet like I feared, so I guess that tent trailer thingy works pretty well! If you don't know already, Julian is a little town on the way to San Diego that used to be a gold mining town, and many of the original buildings are still there. Check out their school (yes, this is an actual working school!)
Isn't it so precious!!

We also took a horse drawn carriage ride and learned about the history of the town...
Love it!!

But this was the absolute best part of the trip though, since Julian is famous for it's apples...
Apple crisp TO DIE FOR!

I just love this picture so I have to share it...also in Julian-

Randomness #2
We FINALLY got the email yesterday that my older daughter's OCSA (Orange County School of the Arts) audition is THIS SATURDAY. Ummm, HELLO! Can you say FREAKING OUT?? I thought we had at least 2-3 weeks before we were going to have to be ready, but no! 5 days is all we get, sooooo...Nothing like a short deadline to get our REARS in GEAR!!

She has been busting a move on all sorts of portfolio stuff! Costume design, set design, makeup, photography!!!
A girl must have the proper OCSA audition outfit! Professional, yet cute!!

Wish us luck on Saturday! I'll let you all know how it went next week! :)

Randomness #3-
My puppy dog Roxy is the most long suffering pooch ever! She is forever being dressed in random things by my girls. Just look at this ridiculousness...I had to share!

Randomness #4-During Beyonce's halftime show, with a house full of people, our electrical outlet in the kitchen decided to smoke, spark, and make the whole house stink to high heaven! Thank goodness it didn't go up in flames! Needless to say, we missed Beyonce's performance. :(
Sooo gross! You can see the scorch marks going up the wall! YEESH!!
Randomness #5-I finally got all of my centers from my Sweets for My Sweety Valentine Unit cut out and ready to roll, because the big V-Day is next week already!! What the what! How on Earth is that possible???
So here's what we'll be working on next week...

Math Centers...
Sweet Treats Bar Graph

Lovely Fact Family Match-Ups

Cutesy Counting On and Back

Adorable Addition (adding 2 or 3 numbers)

Moonstruck Missing Addends
Literacy Centers...
Sweethearts! ABC Order

"Sweetheart" Making Words

Heart-Filled Noun and Adjective Sort

Lots O' Love! Sentence Scramble

Happy Hearts! Long and Short Vowel Sort
You can take a closer look by clicking on the picture below...

FINALLY (man, that was a whole bunch of stuff!!), here is a little Be Mine! Sentence Scramble FREEBIE for all y'all, if you are interested. Click on the pic to download it via Google Docs!

Later, Alligators! New Girl is calling my name! Who else LOVES Schmidty??
XOXO Kerri B


Miss Foote said...

I SO LOVE The New Girl. Tuesdays are my stay at school late day....I stay til 8:45 and make it home just in time. Then my aunt and I text each other back and forth with the best Schmidt sayings of the night. I have been watching Gilmore Girl reruns...and he was on one episode! So hilarious.

Chickadee Jubilee

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Good Luck on Saturday!
First Grade Blue SKies

Rebecca H. said...

That little school is so cute! What a blast from the past :) Your Valentine's centers look great!

Ladybugs Lounge

Eileen Griffin said...

I love Julian apple pie. It is the best I have ever had! Best of luck to you and your daughter!

Amy Swan said...

Thank you for the Scrambled Sentence freebie...it'll be great for next week! :) Also, I gave your Alphabet Mystery Puzzles a shout on on my new blog for the "Show What you Bought" linky party. Thanks again for such a fun product...can't wait to see what my kids think!

Happy Teacher Heaven

Tania said...

I think that pup has a good life. I see a smile :)
My Second Sense

Sharon McBee said...

Good luck Saturday. Thanks for the freebie.

Second Grade Smartypants said...

Cute centers! Congrats on surviving the camping :) I have to ask you about the apple crisp picture though.....is that a stuffed mouse on the table!?!?!?!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Um, I am obsessed with that tiny school!! And Roxy! Poor pup! I hope your daughter's audition/interview goes well!!! *I was also curious about that mouse on the table next to the apple crisp! Ha ha ha!!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Justin said...

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