Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yearbook Wrap-Up, Smartie Boards, Mother's Day and Sloth Poop - A Smorgasboard of Kindergarten Goodness!

Hiya peeps!  Lindsay here . . .

Well, I just had to share some SUPER FABULOUS GRAND news . . . The. Yearbook. Is. Done!!!!!


That was a "so-huge-I-couldn't-think-about-anything-else" kind of project.  But now . . . its . . . done!  And mark my words, this Yearbook Coordinator is hanging up her hat!  Okay, well maybe there's not really a yearbook hat that I can hang up, but I am definitely retiring from the position!!  (Hear that Newport El friends - the job is up for grabs!!).

So - let's move on to other things!

The kiddos in Room 17 have been up to lots and lots these past few weeks:

1. First, we had our "Muffins With Mom" celebration.  I told my kiddos that when their moms heard them sing their Mother's Day song they would love it so much they would cry. (Which they did, and which the kids thought was so great!!)

The moms were very touched by their little Mother's Day plates and cards and the sweet interviews each student gave about their mom.  It was a super fun, special day!

2. We got a SmartBoard!  Or a "Smartie-Board" as my students have affectionately named it.  UN-fortunately it was installed (yes, drilling and all) right smack dab in the middle of centers.  Grrrrr.  And then on top of THAT it turns out that all of my classroom computers are far too ancient to even run the SmartBoard software. 

Sooooooooooo . . . technically I guess we don't actually have a Smartie-Board.  We have a large white thingamajig taking up our white board space that the kids can't touch and the teacher can't even use. Sounds fun, right?

Anyway, I am sure SOMEDAY I will actually get the mounted projector, and the new(er) computer and the actual software to use our Smartie-Board. 

I just hope it's sooner rather than later . . . :(

3.  Open House prep.

That's right.  We have 23 more days of school, and only 17 days until Open House. O.M.G.

Needless to say we have been knee-deep in all sorts of fun Rainforest projects (many courtesy of Kerri's fantabulous Rainforest Art & Writing unit (check it out if you haven't already!).

We made our Rainforest Guide faces last week which turned out oh-so-cute.

Then this week we researched the three-toed sloth and did some writing about what we had learned.  Here are some samples:

"Sloths have very sharp claws. Sloths go potty on the forest floor." Hmmm  . .. . interesting.

"A sloth can climb with their claws. And they go potty on the forest floor."  Aack!  More about going potty????!!!

And finally . . . "Sloths have really sharp claws. Sloths can go potty on the forest floor. Sloths have algae in their fur. Sloths are really slow and furry."

Okay.  I'll admit it.  My kindergarteners are fascinated with the toileting habits of the three-toed sloth . . .

I showed a brief Jeff Corwin sloth video via Discovery Streaming and at the VEEEEEEERY end it showed a sloth climbing down a tree.  So, of course, Jeff Corwin had to make a big deal in the video about the fact that the sloth was climbing down the tree in order  to DEFICATE.  And then they showed it. Deficating.  On the forest floor. And I swear that sloth was smiling!!

I was horrified . . .and my kinders were mesmerized.

So . . . there ya go. Sloths poop on the forest floor. Who knew?  (Thanks a lot Jeff Corwin!)

Well, that's it for now folks!  Hope you have a great night!  (And for all of you already on summer break . . . I am so jealous!!!)

Good night!


P.S. To our friends in Oklahoma - you are in our thoughts and prayers!!

{A special thanks to Tanja Tlusty for the graphic!}


Erin Eberhart said...

Love the Muffins with Mom. The plates are presh! :)

Michelle Griffo said...

Love your cute rainforest goodies!

ThinkWonder Teach said...

My son did muffins for moms and donuts for dads in Kindergarten. It was such a great idea. I love the smartie board and had to laugh at the computers.

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Susan Efseaff said...

I love your description of your Jeff Corwin experience! I'm going to have to look for that video. We have 9 more days of school and are finishing with the Rainforest! I love ending my year this way!

Sharon said...

Wow! I thought we were the only ones wth a smart board installed and nothing else to go with it! Anyway I love all your rainforest ideas. Keep up the great work!

Sharon said...

Wow! I thought we were the only ones wth a smart board installed and nothing else to go with it! Anyway I love all your rainforest ideas. Keep up the great work!

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