Friday, May 24, 2013

Five for Friday...May 24th

Happy 3 day weekend, Peeps!! Kerri here...

Is anyone else as stoked as me that we have a 3 day weekend?? Well, I guess for those of you already on Summer Break, you have like a 60 day weekend (whatevs!), but for the rest of us, 3 day weekend!! WHOO HOO!!

I can't believe I missed last week's Five for Friday linky. So sad...But it's on like Donkey Kong this week PEEPS!!

First absolute favorite rainforest animal!

Definitely my favorite week of all the weeks I teach my Rainforest Unit. Did you know that there is a sloth called Buttercup and she is some lady's pet down in South America?? OMG!! I want one for CHRISTMAS!!

Number 2....Love is in the air!
I have a MAJOR love triangle, or maybe even a Love square going on in my classroom, and it is SERIOUSLY bugging BIG TIME!
Little Miss Thang brought in colored pencils for Mr. Man, who made a heart to give to ANOTHER girl. (How dare he??)
Meanwhile, yet another boy gave Little Miss Thang a clip-on earring he got out of a toy machine, and they were all passing notes to each other DURING my sloth art lesson. OH. NO. THEY. DIDN'T.  Yes, they in fact did, and here is the evidence...

Of course, ANOTHER boy took one of the hearts and threw it in the trash (he must be jealous), which prompted to 2 girls to stand up in the middle of the sacred SLOTH art lesson, and whisper to each other. Oh man...I was PEEVED. And then, I had to give them the "No girlfriends/boyfriends until your 24 years old, and no more love notes, GOT IT??" speech. Sheesh! It felt like Junior High in my classroom this week!

Number 3: Fabulous Firsties Self-Portraits-these are THE. BEST!
It's all about the peace signs, really...

Tiny head, GIANT shoulders...

Acessories make ALL the difference...

Name brands ARE important...
Number 4: Teacher Seeds of Happiness! This is the baby one, but I got my friend who just graduated from college to become a teacher a GINORMOUS one! I love them!
Is this not ADORABLE??

I NEED this giant one! :)

Last up... This kid cracks me up. "Sometimes my mom irks me." (Good to know...) "Sometimes I flirt with the girls." (The girls at 7-11, he told me!) HA!!

Have a happy weekend, friends!
XOXO Kerri B


Sara Connell said...

Those sloths are the cutest things ever! I love the apples too. I've had to have the boyfriend/girlfriend holding hands and keeping hands off of each other several times this year in FIRST grade! I sometimes wonder if I will see some of my kiddos married when they are a lot older. :)
First Grade Funtastic

First Grade Buddies said...

That last writing piece made me smile!!! Gotta love first grade kiddos!!!
Tamra and Sarah
First Grade Buddies

Carrie H said...

Loved your five! The sloths look like such a fun way to help students remember what you have learned! I also love the self-portraits and their writing. I just marveled at how well my students were writing by the end of the school year. You last little thing is too cute... sometimes I flirt with the girls.

Susanna - Whimsy Workshop said...

Love those self-portraits! The expressions!
I stopped by from Doodle Bugs...great blog!
Whimsy Workshop

MrsS said...

I am rolling over laughing at your "Five"...what a week you've had! At least it was entertaining!

Hoots and Hollers said...

I absolutely love sloths! They are so cool to meet in person! Really enjoyed reading your post and seeing all of your student's wonderful creations...

All the best--
Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

Kelly said...

What a great Five! Your sloths are adorable, and I laughed out loud at your primary love drama :) So happy to have found your blog & be your newest follower :)

First Grade Fairytales

Laura said...

Love the self portraits! I just discovered your blog and am following you! Laura


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