Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pass the Turkey, Y'all!!

Happy Saturday, Peeps! Kerri here...
Well, it's come full circle. First, my daughter asked for Doc Martens for her 13th birthday, and it made me remember when I got my first pair. I was 15, and they were black and AWESOME. I had to drive to some obscure hole in the wall in Whittier to find mine, but I found Sarah's bright purple ones online in about 30 seconds! Oh, how the times have changed!

Tonight,  we were at the mall and I found myself buying her a sweater at Wet Seal. Anyone out there in blogging land ever shop there in high school? I know I did. That store and Charlotte Russe were the bees-nees back in the late 80's-early 90's. Oh wait, did I just date myself? How is it possible I was in high school in the 90's when I am only 28?? :)

Anyway, back to full circle. I can't believe that A-I am the mother of a teenager, and B-I can't believe she is shopping at the same stores I used to shop in! It is totally surreal!

But, back to the subject at hand...Pass the Turkey! I finished up my latest set of centers this morning, because I hate to remind everyone, but Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks. HOLY GUACAMOLE, I say! How on Earth is that possible?? I feel like it was just 90 degrees and the first day of school, and yet here I sit, wearing a sweatshirt and blogging about turkey!

Take a look at these cutesy cute centers... (click on each pic to go to my TPT shop)

This month there are 11, count them, 11 centers for your kidlets' learning pleasure! Because my kids and I have been doing these types of centers each month since September, they are becoming such independent learners! Since they know the format, they are able to focus on the learning objectives and content standards without asking "What do I do again?" a million times. It is heavenly!!

We will also be starting our November Words Writing Center this week. Here is a sneak peek...

Here are some pictures of my kids using the October Words writing pack, so you can see the format. Their writing is REALLY coming along using these mats every month, and they LOVE it when I pull out the new mat! Lots of ooh's and aah's. It makes me feel so accomplished!

Well, that's all I got tonight. I have 23 report cards hanging over my head that I have not even started yet, and Conference week starts on Monday. I know, I know, but don't judge, peeps! This is how I roll. Procrastinate until the situation becomes dire, and then bust a move and get 'er done! Works every time!

I leave you with these 3 questions...
1. Did you wear Doc Martens in high school?
2. Did you shop at Wet Seal?
3. Are any of you obsessed with the show Gold Rush like I am?

I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to know! 

Wish me luck, I'm gonna go show those report cards who's boss!
XOXO Kerri B


Heather said...

I had a pair of Doc Marten sandals in high school- loved them! Tried them on years later and realized how heavy they were. I also shopped at Wet Seal, though not until college when I wasn't forced to shop wherever my mom wanted me to shop. :) And I have never heard of "Gold Rush." My husband's latest TV obsession is "Duck Dynasty." Good luck with your report cards and parent conferences!

Heather (

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Oh dear do I remember Wet Seal! You completely took me back to shopping with my mom. Good times! Your units look fabulous, Kerri! Happy November-ugh!
~~Christy & Tammy
Fluttering Through First Grade

Kristin said...

Your centers look FANTASTIC and oh, so cute!!
1. Yes, I wore Doc Martens. Oh my word, how I loved them.
2. Yes, I shopped at Wet Seal. It was my FAVE. I got my Bongo jeans there.
3. I do not know of this show, Gold Rush, so now I have to find it!!

MrsS said...

1. Yes...wore them with my Catholic school uniform skirt!
2. Yes, didn't every body? :)
3. Hmmmm....gotta look that one up.

Megan said...

I love your centers! I've bought the making words all year center, sentence scramble all year centers, and the all the monthly word writing packs. It's so nice having consistent centers that the kids know how to do, but that add something different and a challenge each month. Would you ever consider splitting your literacy/math center packs so we could choose just buy one (like just the literacy centers) for half the price? These look so great, but with our math program we don't have time for fun math centers (sigh), so I'd really only be able to use the literacy ones. Just a thought! Love all your stuff..keep it coming :)

Catherine said...

The centers look amazing! Yes, I L.O.V.E. Gold Rush!!! I can't wait to see if there is any gold at Indian River (go Dave!). I am also seriously pulling for young Parker (only 18) and in charge of his grandpa's gold mining operation, to hit the motherlode! Yeah...I'm a tad obsessed! How many more weeks 'til the holiday break? I'm in serious need of some R & R!!! Have a great day!

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