Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife - The Wedding of Q and U

Howdy folks!  Lindsay here . . .

Well, today was one of those there-must-be-a-full-mon-beause-my-students-are-all-acting-insane kind of day. . .  You know, like when you think you are talking, but no one seems to actually be paying attention to the words that you thought were coming out of your mouth . . .

The only thing that made me feel better about my crazy day was when I heard that my neighbor teacher actually had a student attack another student with a spray bottle of Expo marker cleaning solution.

See??  I can always be worse. ;)

Well, I didn't actually come here tonight to tell you about students being assaulted with cleaning solutions . . . I actually wanted to share with you all the fun that we have been having this week in class in honor of Q week....

  As I was perusing Pinterest last spring I stumbled across Kathleen Pederson's "The Exquisite Wedding of Q and U" pack that is a bundle of adorable activities meant to help students remember that U always follows Q in words, and I KNEW I had to make the wedding and all the fun QU activities happen this year!  (If you haven't already, you can check out Kathleen's Growing Kinders TPT store and her Q and U Wedding pack HERE.)

To kick off Q week on Monday we read "The Exquisite Wedding of Q and U" - my kiddos love it!  Especially the arrival of the quintuplets at the end! :)


Then we talked about all kinds of QU words and practiced finding Q words, writing Q words, etc. etc.

Then finally, the big day arrived.  The wedding.
All the students were invited to attend and dress up for the wedding: the boys as quarterbacks, the girls as queens.  I have to say that the girls did enjoy this part a wee bit more than my boys  . . . Those girls love any excuse for some high heels and a tiara! :)
For the wedding we first had the ceremony, featuring, of course, the bride and groom - Q and U!   (As you can see, it was a VERY elegant affair!)
In the wedding vows we promised that in all of our writing we would make sure never to break the bond of Q and U, and that they should always be together to make the sound /kwa/.
After the ceremony I taught my kids the Chicken Dance (Dora the Explorer party mix version . . . in case you were wondering!) and then we had cake and milk! It was a beautiful day!
Well, that's it for now folks!  Hope you all have a great night and a happy Friday tomorrow!
P.S. A special thanks to all of you who stopped by and supported Kerri and I during the Cyber Monday + Tuesday TPT sale!  You guys rock! 


Lindsay said...

That's adorable!!!

Mrs. Anderson said...

I'm sure your students will never forget the wedding of Q & U. What an awesome idea!! The cake looks very tasty!!
Connie Anderson:)

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