Monday, November 12, 2012

Magic Elf 2.0! He's baaaaack!!!

Hiya Peeps! Happy Veteran's Day! Kerri here...

First of all, I think I am in denial that I actually have to go back to school tomorrow. I'M NOT READY!! It has been glorious having an extra day off, like for serious! I think we should implement 4 day work weeks for the whole year. Anyone with me??

This is just a quickie post to say that I have TOTALLY re-vamped my Magic Elf Writing and Activity Pack, and it is UBER-CUTE now! Like, I'm gonna die from all the cuteness! Also, I added 4 extra activities for the same price! Check it out...

The magic elf notes are OH MY WORD cute now, and here are all of the activities that are included...

What’s Included:
Magic Elf and Daily Messages-Purchase a stuffed elf or laminate the clip art elf that is included in this packet. Laminate messages for durability and cut out. Each morning before your students arrive, hide “Magic Elf” somewhere in your classroom along with one of his messages about the true meaning of Christmas. I have included 17 days worth of messages, so you can choose the ones that work best for you, depending on how many days you are in school the month of December. 

Magic Elf Story Paper-Students can write a story about Magic Elf visiting their classroom, and then illustrate their story.

Magic Elf Letter-Students can use the writing paper to write a letter to Magic Elf about what he has taught them, or what they would like him to tell Santa!

Magic Elf Book-Copy the cover and inside pages back to back, including as many inside pages as there are school days in December. Instruct students to draw Magic Elf on the cover. Every day, after reading Magic Elf’s clue each morning to your students, instruct them to write what Magic Elf’s meaning of Christmas was for the day and illustrate what that means to them. At the end of the month, your students will have their own book on the meaning of Christmas to take home and share with their parents!

Magic Elf Acrostic- Students can write their own acrostic poem about Magic Elf, or write one together as a class!

Magic Elf Certificates- Let Magic Elf pass these certificates out to students who are caught showing the true spirit of Christmas! My students find their certificate on their desk each morning!

Magic Elf Scramble-Students can unscramble the Magic Elf sentence, glue it in the correct order, write it, and illustrate it!

Magic Elf Art Project- Students follow directions to create their very own Magic Elf art project. These look great mounted next to the acrostic poem or Magic Elf Story on construction paper and displayed for all to see!

So, if you purchased this last year from me (And I know there are bunches of you who did!) then PLEASE re-download so you can get all of the new activities. This was THE BEST most FAVORITEST thing my class did the whole month of December and their behavior was FABULOUS, because they knew Magic Elf was watching!! HEE HEE!! Plus, they learned that Christmas is so much more than just getting presents (you know, sharing, caring, and being thankful for our many blessings!) 

Here are a couple links for some Magic Elves you can purchase online to use with my Magic Elf pack:

And, coming soon to a TPT store near you (well, that would be my TPT store!), presenting...

Stay tuned, friends!!
XOXO Kerri B


Lisa Mattes said...

This looks and sounds so absurdly cute that I may just have to "bend" the rules and incorporate it!
Growing Firsties is having a Pete the Cat giveaway that benefits Hurricane Sandy Relief!

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