Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gobble, Graving and Giving Thanks - Math and Literacy Centers for November

Happy Tuesday folks!  Lindsay here . . .

Well, I have been experiencing some major technical difficulties over here on the Mrs. Messyhair side of Teacher Bits and Bobs and I have been SO frustrated to not be able to share with you all the things we have been doing in Room 17!  (Darn you Google for not letting me upload pictures and documents!! - insert angry shaking fist here . . .)

Soooooooooo . . . today I will be brief.  You will just have to take my word for it that October was amazing, that my kids and I did a unit of study on bats culminating in them filling out a bat outline and presenting their "research" to our neighboring kindergarten class, that we had so much fun with our Haunted House art and writing about our field trip to the farm.  Cuz it happened.

But alas, October is over, and I wanted to share with you some Thanksgiving goodness for you and your chitlens before its too late!  Hot off the press, I give you GOBBLE, GRAVY AND GIVING THANKS - Math and Literacy Centers for November (click on the image to check it out in my TPT store):

Your students will GOBBLE up these math and literacy centers for the month of November! Included in these centers are:

1. Giving Thanks Graph (sorting, counting, graphing, comparing numbers)
2. Turkey 10s (Writing, counting and sequencing by 10s)
3. Mashed Potatoes Measuring (measuring to the closest inch; recording data)
4. Gravy and Gibblets Sentence Scramble (write, cut and glue scrambled up Thanksgiving sentence)
5. Pumpkin Pie and Picture Puzzles (building Thanksgiving words)
6. Ten Little Turkeys reader (original text reader that will help students practice counting down from 10 to 0, numbers/number words, reading)

I used the Giving Thanks Graph, Picture Puzzles and Turkey 10s today in centers and they were such a hit!  Easy to follow directions, but the classroom was SO QUIET (as often happens when their little brains are being put to good use!!) 

Here are Pumpkin Pie and Picture Puzzles - building words...

Here is our Giving Thanks Graph: sorting the pictures, counting, graphing and answering questions about our data....

And last of all, the completed Turkey 10s!  I was so proud at my kiddos for getting this by themselves!  I had a volunteer mom cancel for centers at the last minute, but I explained to my kiddos what they were to do, and left them with some 100 charts (just in case!) and they did great!

Sorry that is it for now!  Hopefully I can figure out the problem with Google (maybe it just hates me?) and will be back with more soon!

Have fun watching the election results tonight!



Miss Kindergarten said...

Mrs. Messyhair might be the cutest name I've ever heard!!!


Haunted House art and writing about our field trip to the farm. Cuz it happened.
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