Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earth Week FUN!! and another Earth Day FREEBIE!

Hi Friends! Kerri here...
First off, a big old THANK YOU to those of you who have already picked up my new writing pack...
Trust me, your kiddos will LOVE writing a squiggle story! In fact, one of my kiddos today asked why the sub didn't share their squiggle stories yesterday. Oops! That is because your big old slacker teacher hasn't even looked at the GINORMOUS stack of papers from before Spring Break! Sorry, sweets! Guess I know what I'm gonna be doing tonight while I watch my stories (New Girl-LOVE!)...

WOW! Back at work after 10 fun-filled days of vacation was NOT easy, let me just tell you! I felt like I was in a TOTAL fog! We did manage to start our Earth Week Extravaganza today with my 
100% Green Skip Counting Center

"Re-Usable" Bar Graph Center

"Organic" Number Puzzles 1-12!!  Did you already pick up your Earth Day Numbers 13-24 Puzzles FREEBIE from my TPT store?? I hope so! It's FREE!

Here are our Earth Day art projects! Aren't they Bee-You-Tiful? Directions and writing paper can be found here!
I HEART the Earth Art Project! SOOO pretty! 

And, seeing as how Earth Day is actually on a Sunday this year, I have decided that I will be extending my Earth Week madness for next week too! I have WAY too many Earth Day centers and NOT nearly enough time! Anyone with me?? :)

Up tomorrow...WORMS!! I used to do worms for "W" week every year when I taught Kinder and I am excited to bring them back with my Firsties! We will be exploring these little guys with our 2nd grade buddies tomorrow!
We will be writing about how we love and can help the Earth on Thursday, so I created this bubble map to help my Firsties brainstorm some ways they can help the Earth. Click below for your own copy!
How are you celebrating Earth Day/Week?? 

I'll be back on Thursday! Stay tuned...
XOXO Kerri


applesandabcs said...

I love all of it!!!

Apples and ABC's


Freckleteacher said...

Thank you for the brainstorming freebie. I love the Earth Art project. That is sooo pretty! I am also doing Earthday the week after it. Way too much going on this week to do a good job!

Sue said...

I did your Earth Day art project with my students today - we loved it! Thanks so much, Sue

AmberO said...

We took an Earth Day walk and picked up litter around our school, then released our Luna Moth :'( and played some outdoor games to get a little exercise. BTW, I am the follower who asked about (and is sooo appreciative of) those number puzzles. Thanks again!

Veronica said...

I bought your Earth Day literacy pack and LOVE it! My firsties really enjoyed all of the centers.

Bethany McClure said...

My kids have loved the Squiggle Stories packet! It has been keeping them busy at the end of the year!

Learning is a Journey
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