Monday, February 20, 2012

Tale of the Tattoo...Part Deux!

Happy Monday, Peeps! Kerri here...
If you notice, it is 9:09 a.m. and I am HOME, NOT at school since we get the WHOLE WEEK OFF!! Aahhh, how glorious it feels! Here is a little pic of my newly completed family tattoo, and I heart it!

I am officially Brent's girl now, there's no turning back!! HA!

That's all I got! We're off to the dentist (praying for no cavities) and then Target, laundry, and more Harry Potter lego madness with my little Katie Bug. She is WAY into it!

Have a great day, friends!!


Kristin said...

Very cool!!!!!! :)
I have always wanted a tattoo but the hubby doesn't like them (it goes back to his military upbringing and all of the marines with tattoos). I have always wanted an angel (think cute, like DJ Inkers) on my shoulder and for the hubby to get a devil on his! HA!
When I was a teenager, my nickname was Tweety and I wanted Tweety Bird on my shoulder. Thank God I didn't do that!!!!
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ScrapinShana said...

Love your new tat! I want another one on my wrist soooo bad! I worry about having to have it covered up at work though, winter, easy, summer, not so much, so I haven't gotten one...yet! Enjoy your day off!! =)

Andi said...

It looks great! Thanks for sharing. I hope there are no cavities in your future!!

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

LOVE it!!
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Erika said...

Wish I had the guts to get one. I'm a big wuss and couldn't make up my mind on something that permanent!

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Erin Eberhart said...

Eberhart’s Explorers

mrsjanellebush said...

Very cute tat! Like it!

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