Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Candy Heart Math and Happy Anniversary to Us!

Hello friends!  Lindsay here . . .

Yeesh.  Next week is a busy one.  100th Day. Valentine's Day. President's Week Kindergarten performance.  Need I go on?  There is just TOO MUCH fun stuff that I want to do with my kidlets for the month of February and it seems like there are just not enough hours in the day to squeeze in all of the fun!

Last week I did Deanna Jump's Candy Heart Probability activity and it was SO fun.  The kids were so funny when they kept drawing the same color over and over from their bag!  Then they had such great reflections as to why that happened once they examined the contents of their bag.  I highly recommend you try it!

Another fun candy heart activity I do every year in centers around Valentine's Day is our Candy Heart Graph.  I am giving you this FREEBIE for you to enjoy!  You can laminate the colored sorting mat, and then have your kids count each color, graph each color, and then practice their addition!  Math + candy = Good times!!

(Click on the heart to download)

One more thing . . .

Have any of you every forgotten an anniversary?  I am USUALLY really, really good with remembering important dates, birthdays, etc., but last month one got away from me.  Last month was mine and Kerri's 6th anniversary. Sigh . . . Where has the time gone?  It seems like only yesterday that I was her lowly student teacher who she was ordering around and sending to get her coffee all the time.  Wait a minute, that was last week! (Just kidding!)

Anyway, yay for the Dynamic Duo of Bordelon-Messner!  Even though we are fiercely competitive when it comes to the cuteness of our classroom art projects, and even though I sometimes drive her crazy with my fear of change and she drives me crazy with her Scotch tape obsession . . . and even though she was often WAAAAAY too eager to "help" when one of my kinders earned the right to slime me each year after our Jogathon Fundraiser (umm . . . that poor kid didn't even get to hold the bucket!) . . .

. . . Kerri is the best and I truly am inspired by her on a daily basis for the amazing, creative teacher and wonderful mommy that she is every single day.  You rock Mrs. B!!

Alright, alright . . . enough of all that mushy stuff.  Hope you enjoy today's FREEBIE and have a very Happy Thursday tomorrow!



Ms. Lopez said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!! I just bought some candy hearts on Sunday and now I find your freebie! You are a life saver!! No, wait a minute, you are a Sweetheart!!! Thanks!

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

lol!!! Thanks for sharing that picture :)

♥ Jen
The Teachers' Cauldron

Laura said...

Cute! Cute! You girls are precious! So fortunate to have a good colleague and friend!

Peace, Love, and First Grade

Tabitha said...

Thank you!

Lauren Schmoods said...

Thank you for posting this- I am looking forward to using this with my class!

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