Wednesday, February 22, 2012

March Words Posted!

Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday! Kerri here...
We saw the movie "We Bought a Zoo" today and it was SO darn sweet! I loved it! Anyone else seen it?
I'm gonna keep it SUPER short, because we are about to go and check out the BRAND NEW Fresh and Easy that just opened up TODAY on our neighborhood! I'm so excited! Have you ever been to a Fresh and Easy?? They are totally cool, and their food products have NO partially hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup in them, which is AMAZING!

I just finished and posted my March Words Writing Pack, just in time for March, which is (gulp) NEXT WEEK!! I'm freaking out just a little bit! Where did February go, man?? I am one month older to turning 28 (plus 10...sssshhhh)! I better get cracking on these so they'll be ready for my chitlins next week when I go back to work (sniffle sniffle)!
Here's a sneak peek...

Here's what you get... 6  activities~(the numbers are all WONKY...just ignore them!)

1. Words Mat/Book Cover/Lined Paper-
Make several copies of the March Words on cardstock and laminate for durability. Copy writing paper back to back ( I use 6 pages per book and this lasts the whole month) and fold in half to make a little book, with the cover on the front. I copy the cover on colored paper to make it more festive! :)
Use this writing activity in your writing center for the whole month and allow the kids to write describing sentences about each March word, one word per page.
  1. March Words ABC Order-
Cut apart laminated March Words mats to make individual cards. Students choose 5 words, place in ABC order, and illustrate!
3. St. Patrick’s Day, Dr. Seuss, and Weather Writing Paper-
Use individual cut up March Word cards. Students choose 2-3 cards and write a story using lots of describing words, and then illustrate their story in the box.
4. March Making Words-
Students choose a picture from the March Words Mat, write it in the box, and illustrate it. Next, they find the letters to spell the word. (Letters included in packet-copy and laminate as many sets as you need for students to use). Students will make as many words as they can using the letters from the March word that they chose and write in the boxes.
  1. March Words “Describe Me!”
Students will choose a card and write down a list of as many words as they can think of to describe it. Then, they will use those words and write “I have... or I am...” sentences, such as “I am green and orange.” on the back of the Describe Me! worksheet and illustrate the word they chose in the box provided.
6. March Words Match-Ups-
Students will match up each Cut-up March word card to the laminated sentence card that describes it. After matching, students will choose 5 pictures, write the corresponding sentence on the lines, and illustrate the pictures on the back.

You can click on the sneak peek pic to head on over to my store! Thanks, my friends! 

 P.S. Is anyone else SO SUPER SAD that next week is Parenthood's season finale? WTH?? In FEBRUARY?? I have to wait 7 months to see a new episode?? That is just plain RIDONKULOUS!


Mrs. Cupcake said...

Looks great!

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Lisa Howard said...

Looks like fun

- Lisa
a teachers bag of tricks

Kristin said...

These look great!!!
At first I was thinking, "What? You went to the movies today????" And then I remembered you're off the whole week. I am so jealous!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Looks fantastic!

Miss W said...

Looks great! I love using your writing packs with my kinder kiddos! P.S. I am so jealous of the new restaurant, I wish things like that would open up here!

✪ Miss W

Miss W Teaches

Amy said...

I love these, they have been so wonderful for my students, I start getting anxious at the end of each month waiting for the next one to come out so I don't miss it!

Kristen said...

I love Fresh and Easy. Our closest one is in Murrieta, which is about 10 miles from my house, but we go there every week! They are supposed to build one by my house...I hope so...I may not ever cook dinner again! Enjoy your weekend before back to work. We got nothing out here!


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