Saturday, February 25, 2012

Math FREEBIES, and some new TPT Goodies!

Happy Saturday Night, Peeps! Kerri here...
Well, here I am, wearing my "fat" pants, my cozy socks, and my grungiest sweatshirt on a Saturday night (Can I get an AMEN??) 

I know, I know, my husband is such a lucky fella! Tonight we took a walk and I was wearing the above items, plus a hideous scarf, AND my mukluks! I was a HOT mess. He just looked at me and shook his head. HA!! I just love being married sometimes. To be able to take a walk with a handsome man, while you look ridiculous. That is LOVE, man!

I feel like I haven't shared any Math freebies for a while, so here we go... Whilst thinking about what I need to do when I go back to work on Monday (BOO! YAY!), I was thinking that my little friends DESPERATELY need to work on counting forward and backward to 100. Actually, counting forward is pretty easy peasy for them, but counting backwards, well...let's just not recall the "counting backwards from 100" Envisions lesson where I almost pulled my hair out and came home feeling like the WORST MATH TEACHER EVER. yucky...

ANYHOO...To help them practice this RIDICULOUS FUN concept, I made this little worksheet that has BOTH counting forward and counting back from 100. You can use one or both, depending what your chitlins need. I also made a little 100's chart that they can use to help them. 

I plan on giving my kiddos numbers from 1-100 that are printed on colored cardstock and cut out, so they just pull a number, write it in the box, and either count forward or count back (depending on the worksheet). You can have them close their eyes and point to a number on the 100's mat, roll two 10-sided dice and make a number to start on, whatever floats your boat! These worksheets are NOT cutesified (THE HORROR! I know...I'm so sorry) but they will get the job done as a warm up, or math station, homework, whatevs... 

You can download the worksheet (click the link) and 100's mat (click the picture) below:

Here is the Counting on and Counting Back from 100 Worksheet!

On to the TPT Goodies!! 

I am SOOOO proud of my girl, Linds (aka Mrs. Messyhair! Long story, goes WAY back to our Kindergarten days together, but she LOVES LOVES LOVES when you call her that, so I highly encourage you all to do so!!) 
I have been BUGGING HER forever to put this unit on TPT, because it is SO RAD! She originally created it when she was my student teacher and she drew all of the little characters by hand (Did you know she is an AMAZING artist?? It's true!) We used her vintage edition for the next 4 years with our Kinder kiddos, and now that she gave it a facelift AND wrote her own little book to go with it (Did you know she's also an author?? I am so impressed!), it is just so awesome!

 I already bought my copy (she would've given it to me, but I wanted to be her most loyal customer) and I will be doing this little 5 Senses Unit with my kiddos the week after next. CAN'T WAIT!! I hope you all will support her little store and pick up your copy by clicking on the picture below! It's sooo pretty!

I also have been hard at work because A-I had this week off (I know, I'm lucky! But, who'll be laughing when I am teaching until June 23rd?? That's right, all y'all!) and B-I MUST devote the next 2 weeks to report cards, so there will be NO TPTing in my future. I had to bust a move this week. Here's what I have created...(click on each picture to go right there!)

Of course the March Words are posted (one of my best sellers), but I am oh so excited about my new Weather Centers! I will be teaching about weather in 2 weeks, and this will be PERFECT! 

I now have a grand total of 26 Writing Centers posted in my TPT store. I think I may have a problem and MAYBE I need an intervention! Actually, I did this so that every single kiddo can have a mat if I ever want to use them ALL at the same time for my writing block (I showed them on the Friday before break and they about FLIPPED THEIR LIDS, they were so excited!!), OR for every single possible conceivable theme that I may now or in the future ever teach. I have my eye on making a Luau themed writing center, but I think that maybe is just too obscure! I can't help it!! It's so so cute! 

My husband just looked at me and judged me (In his mind, I can tell!) for typing too long. Men! They just don't understand, do they ladies??

Have a Happy Sunday! Hope your Saturday was as WILD and CRAZY as mine!! :)


YearntoLearn said...

Wow, you've been busy! Your units look amazing.
Yuck, teaching until June sorry. I get out in May, but did start the school year in EARLY August.

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Mrs. K said...

I'm teaching til june 20th! I'm in southern california too. :) your units look great!

Laura said...


Peace, Love, and First Grade

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

I love my fat pants!!
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TammySF. said...

Your writing center packets look amazing!! Great job:)

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