Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throw Back Thursday!

Happy Thursday, Peeps!
Can I get a "HOLLA!!" We only have 1, count it, 1 day left of school. Yippee YAY! I am more than ready to get back to my kindle reading, yoga doing, ice tea sipping, staying up late routine that makes summer SOOOOO awesome!

In other good news, my daughter got into OCSA!! Of course, in typical teenager fashion, she is now wishy washy about going. You know, because she has these all these "friends" now, and how could she EVER leave them? UGH...

FRACK! Can I just tell you how FRAZZLING DIKKILOUS raising a teenager is?? O.M.G. Like for serious, peeps! Luckily, OCSA starts before her regular high school, so she is going to give it a try and hopefully she'll fall in love with it. Let me just tell you, there is some serious praying going on in my house right now! 

Please Lord, let my daughter listen to reason and not act like an irrational teenager who can't see 5 minutes into the future. Amen.

Okay, enough teenage drama already. Time for Throwback Thursday, hosted by Miss Cara Carroll over at the First Grade Parade!

This week's throwback is from all the way back in March 2011, and is our most viewed post of all time, my Making Words post. I use my making words folders all the time and they are the kidlets' favorite...

Finally, a Language Arts post from me, Kerri!
My dear friend Kim from my old school has the coolest file folders with sticky notes on the inside that have letters on them, and she has her kids use the sticky notes to make words. When they are done making a word, they just put the sticky note back in it's "place" on the file folder. Genius! 
So much better than letter tiles that end up getting lost, on the floor, inside desks, you get the idea. (Makes me crazy!) Whenever the sticky note loses it's sticky, you just quickly make a new one for whatever letter you need. I love it!
Sooo...I made some templates on my trusty MAC and viola, new making words folders! I also color coded the sticky note letters, to help my firsties remember the beginning middle, ending sounds, and digraphs when we make words together! Click the link underneath the pictures and get making! :)

Happy almost summer, friends!
XOXO Kerri


Miss Nelson said...

This is so awesome. Always wanted to make it. Going to make this weekend. Thank you

Ms. Russo said...

Where has this idea been all my teaching life??? SOOO glad I saw this post. Thanks for sharing (again)!

CarolP said...

Wow- thank you so much! I have made these file folders before several times & they are extremely time consuming to make but wonderful to use!!!! Your template will save so much time. I can't wait to make these & start using again! Carol

First Grade Buddies said...

Thanks for pulling up this old post! This idea is genius! So glad we got to see it this time around!

:) Tamra and Sarah
First Grade Buddies

crazymom said...

Wow! I love this! Thank you so much for sharing! ♥

Jackie Leadbetter said...

This is a great idea, thanks for sharing. One question though, since you use sticky notes do you write them all out, because that seems time consuming with 25+ kids or is your template somehow printed on the sticky notes.

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