Saturday, June 15, 2013

Open House Photo Dump!

Happy Saturday, Peeps! Kerri here...

Boy! Have I been MIA or what!?! I am STILL. IN. SCHOOL. Peeps! GAH! 5 more days, 5 more days, 5 more days...(It's kinda like a mantra...)

Open House was a little over a week ago and I meant to post photos of the finished product, BUT I also had the overwhelming desire to lay around and veg, so that won out! 

Open House was FABULOUS!! This year, to add to the ambiance,  I wore my parrot dress...

and found Rainforest sounds on iTunes to play while the families entered our rainforest and explored. Here is what they saw (caution-massive photo dump commencing!)...

All of this rainforest goodness can be found in my TPT store, if you are looking forward to next year's Open House theme!! 

Well, I'm off to get my Downton Abbey/Treadmill on. Downton makes exercise soooo much better!!

XOXO Kerri B


Mrs. Anderson said...

What an AWESOME unit!!!! I have it on my wishlist at TPT!!!
Connie Anderson:)

Kelly said...

Wow everything looks terrific! I absolutely love all of the animal art!

I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

Michelle Griffo said...

You are seriously SO AMAZING!!!! I want you to come and do my bulletin boards!!!

Jessica Travis said...

What an AMAZING unit! Looks like tons of fun!
I'm your newest follower!! :)

Jessica @ Wild About Firsties

Brandee Green said...

WOW!!!! Your displays are amazing and your photos prove it! I'm wayyyy impressed! :)
Creating Lifelong Learners

Nancy VandenBerge said...

Oh My Goodness!! Amazing stuff! Worth the wait! Congratulations on what looks like a successful open house!!!

Cait22 said...

Love this!! My school has decided on a safari/jungle theme for next school year so I will have to keep some of your adorable crafts in mind (& on my wishlist!)! Thanks for sharing :) I look forward to following you and seeing what else you come up with!

Sliding into First!

Robyn Beele said...

WOW! You and your students have been super busy! YAY for 5 more days!

Justin said...

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