Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Miss & Mr. Fabulous {End of the Year Class Awards For All Your Guys and Gal}

Howdy folks . . . Lindsay here.

Have I shared with y'all that I am tired? And pregnant?  I truly think there should be special rules and exceptions so that teachers who are "with child" (as they say) can simply opt out of doing report cards. And end of the year assessments.  And Open House. And Father's Day crafts.


Don't think its gonna happen. 

Sorry about the whining . .. its just that at about 7:45 every night you can either find me: A) Eating ginormous amounts of dill pickles; or B) Sleeping.  As in, conked out for the night. And probably snoring  . . .

  I am tired folks!  T-I-R-E-D!  Its hard work growing a baby in your belly AS WELL AS wrangling in the fury and the fierceness of a not-so-tiny two year old. 

That's right. Baby Jack is not so baby anymore.  Just tonight he learned to say a new word: MINE.

Turns out, everything in our entire house apparently belongs to that child.  Including myself and my husband.  We are all his and subject to his wrath and frequent fits.  (Lucky, lucky us.)

So when Kerri called me recently to vent about her teenage daughter problems at home I replied to her that I just listened to my son scream about applesauce (or as he says: "app-EE-yah"). For 30 minutes. In the car. Its enough to gouge out your eyes with a pencil, if I do say so myself.

Soo . . . since the end of the year is right around the corner (only 11 more school days to go!) I have been summoning every last bit of energy and creativity to make the end of this fabulous school year AWESOME!  (Despite my large, tired, pregnant self.)

Which brings me to the reason for my blog tonight . . . My newest TPT addition:

Little Miss & Mr. Fabulous {End-of-the-Year Class Awards For All Your Guys and Gals}
(click on the image below be taken to TPT store)

If you are looking for the perfect way to recognize the amazing, unique qualities of the kiddos in your class, then these adorable, ready-to-print awards are the perfect thing!

This set includes 35 different awards, each available in "Little Miss" and "Mr." format! The "Little Miss" and "Mr." awards in this set include:

-Stellar Speller
-Neat & Tidy
-Math Whiz
-Super Scientist
-Helping Hand
-Fabulous Friend
-Amazing Author
-Kind & Caring
-Computer Whiz
-Excellent Thinker
-Bright Idea
-Perfect Penmanship
-Extra Effort
-Chit Chat
-Big Heart
-Rad Reader
-Cool Cat
Every year one of my favorite moments that I share with my kidlets is often our "awards ceremony" - just me and the kids, no parents, no distractions.  It is a wonderful way for us to laugh about some of the fun memories from the year, and to celebrate the wonderful individuals in our class.
I typically say the name of the award and try to have the kids guess who the student (or students) might be - and usually they are pretty quick to figure it out! 
If you still have a week or two left of school, head on over to my TPT store and check these awards out - your and your chitlens will love them!
Well, that's all for tonight folks!  There is a jar of dill pickles calling my name!
Talk to you soon!
P.S. We are ALL looking forward to summer here at the Messyhair household.  I had to share this shot from Memorial Day weekend: here is "Not-so-baby Jack" running wild and free through the sprinklers at his Bobe's house.  All that boy needs is water and dirt and he is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! :)


Amber O. said...

What a cute pic to end that fun little post! Congrats on baby #2, Lindsay (I haven't blogged in awhile, so lost "touch" with all my fave blogstars), and I L.O.V.E. those EOY awards!! We do something incredibly similar, but I like your "Miss/Mr." titles on everything. Sounds so professional:) Hang in there...I'll send some encouraging thoughts your way!

Robyn Beele said...

These awards are so cute! I am pinning these for next year. Love that picture!!

Adventures in Room 204 said...

These are great! Thank you for sharing. My school year is over and definitely wanted to do something like this but the last day snuck up on my SO quickly that I didn't even have time for it! i will have to remember this for next year though! :)

Adventures in Room 204

Haley said...

Oh LOVE that take on the EOY awards! How adorable and sweet!!!!

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