Friday, April 19, 2013

O', Canada!! Five for Friday!!

Good afternoon, bloggy friends! Kerri here...

Greetings from Vancouver, Canada! This place is DROP. DEAD. BEAUTIFUL! Like, it literally takes my breath away. We are having the bestest time EVER, and I am oh, so sad that we have to leave tomorrow.  :(

Since it is Friday, I am linking up for Kacey's Five for Friday linky party, and obviously, since I have been on Vacay all week long, I have NOTHING school related to share with you (thank the Lord!), so here it is...The Five for Friday-Canada edition!

Number 1: Stanley Park. We literally could have spent our entire time here, it is so massive and amazingly beautiful. We rode bikes all around the edge of it, and besides that fact that we were FREEZING, it was the best day I can remember in a long time...
Totem Poles!!

Fabulous views of the Lion's Gate Bridge

Check out those 2 Canadian Geese up there! 

Beautiful bridges

Gorgeous views of the city...

 Number 2...Queen Elizabeth Park. This park is gigantic and absolutely stunning!! It is by the house my dad grew up in, and he says they used to call it "Little Mountain" because you can see the whole city from there...

 Number 3...Capilano Suspension Bridge Park! This was the best day ever! 

This was near the Capilano River...

The flowers here are soooo beautiful!

Number 4...Granville Island! It was raining and SOOOO cold this day, but we got to have fun inside the Public Market, and it was all about the food, food, food!!

I was told to kiss this monkey!


Oh my yumminess!

French crepes!!

Aren't these so pretty??

 Number 5...I heart CANADA!!
I love that maple leaf!

I love their money! Wicked cool...

I love Poutin...french fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds. IT. IS. DELICIOUS!

I love that they have French writing on everything!

I especially love the Steam clock in Gastown!

See ya later, Peeps!!
XOXO Kerri 


Katie said...

Great pictures!!! :)

Smiles from 2nd Grade

Jeanette Hiles said...

Your pictures are great. I don't think I would have the nerve to walk across that bridge. Were you scared?

Third Grade Galore

Kinderkay said...

Ooohhhhh, Kerri, I have another destination to put on my bucket list! What a fun week you had!


Margaux said...

LOVE the pics! There just are not enough Canadian teacher bloggers! (or perhaps I just haven't found them).. You may only be 50% Canadian but it was still exciting to see the spotlight on this beautiful country. While I'm not from Vancouver I agree the city is BEAUTIFUL!

You got the wrong $20 though! That's one of the old ones. Our new $20's are plastic.... :S

Glad you enjoyed your vacay!


Stephanie @ 3rd Grade Thoughts said...

LOVE these pics! We are headed to Vancouver this summer and your pictures get me so excite for the trip :) :) :) Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

3rd Grade Thoughts

vicky1970 said...

Sweet pictures...what a fun time you had.
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

Shuna Patterson said...

These pics are gorge

Molly said...

Your photography is breathtaking...and that background isn't too shabby either!

Lucky to Be in First

Sherry said...

Next vacation, you need to come to Alberta! We're just as cool and you should see our Rocky Mountains!!

Eliza Jane said...

Vancouver's my home town! I left it a year and a half ago to move to Australia to be with the love of my life. But I miss Vancouver every single day. Glad you enjoyed it there!

Corinna said...

Your pictures are stunning! What a fabulous trip. Definitely on my to do list!!

Surfin' Through Second

CDNKTeacher said...

I don't know if I've ever commented before but I wanted to say I love all your pictures of my home town. Vancouver is indeed a wonderful place and I'm glad to hear you had a great vacation here, even if it was cold and rainy the whole time. Welcome to Vancouver! :)

Mrs. Richardson said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wish I were there right now!! I just found you through Doodle Bugs! I'm SO glad!
Mrs. Richardson's Class

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