Saturday, April 27, 2013

Alphabet and Numbers Review Packs!!

Happy Saturday, Folks! Kerri here...

About this time last year, as I was starting to plan for the following school year and thinking about what beginning Firsties needed to review, so I created 2 different learning packs, one for the Alphabet and one for Numbers 1-30.
 I also created these with the end of Kindergarten in mind, remembering back to the good old Kinder years, when my Kinders were getting squirrelly at the end of the year, but still needed to review all of the good old alphabet and number concepts we had learned throughout the year.
Hence, my Amazing Alphabet Activities pack was born... well as my I Know my Numbers Activity pack!

I asked Lindsay if she would let her Kinders be my guinea pigs for the Alphabet activities, and of course she agreed, since she's my bestie and all! :)

Here is are a couple of pics and what she wrote from her post last year...

A few weeks ago Kerri offered to share her Amazing Alphabet Activity pack (She had even printed, laminated, cut out, and Ziploc-baggied all of the pieces for me!  Yippee!!)  My class had just wrapped up the last letter of the alphabet, so we were gearing up for a week of ABC review - it was perfect!  My kids LOVED all of the activities, particularly the "Alphabet Mystery Words". . .

I even used the alphabet picture/word/letter match with my RTI group and they loved it!  They were so motivated to see who could get the most matches!

Anyway, this was a fun lil unit - I highly recommend it for your end of the year kinders or fabulous fall firsties!

These units are also perfect summer school activities for your  Kinder or First grade kiddos. My daughter used lots of the activities last year with a couple of Kinder and First grade boys she was tutoring over the summer, and the activities really helped them hone their alphabet and number skills!

You can check them out in my TPT shop, friends!

I'm off to grade a brazillion papers, work on a couple of yearbook pages for my school's yearbook, and get started on this little number...

Happy Weekend, friends!!
XOXO Kerri


Angela R. said...

Hi! I love these packets. This is a great way to review letters and numbers as we are wrapping up our year. I can' wait to see your Summer Lovin!! Packet! Good luck!

The Bilingual Teacher

Unknown said...

Love the title, Summer Lovin'! Makes me think of the movie, "Grease!"

~Heidi V.

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