Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's a Rainforest EXTRAVAGANZA!!

Happy Hump Day, friends!! Kerri here...

You ever have one of those days where you fell like your class has been taken over by a bunch of aliens?? Well, that was my day today. Sigh...Spring Fever has hit with a VENGEANCE in Room 4!!

As I was looking over my plans for April from last year, I had a slight panic attack when I realized that it is time to start planning my big ole Rainforest EXTRAVAGANZA! This beast of a unit takes us 8 weeks to complete, so I start the first week in April. 

At my school, we culminate the year with our Open House 2 weeks before school lets out for the summer, but I start planning and prepping for the big event WAAAYYY early, because Open House is my most favoritest thing ever! I love transforming my room into a place that literally makes my kids say "ooohh, aaahhh" when they see it, and I also love the satisfaction that comes from engaging my kids in an 8 week long thematic unit that includes language arts, math, science, writing, and (of course) most importantly, ART!

Last year I developed my Rainforest Fun! Art and Writing Unit, after years of teaching my kids about the rainforest and turning my room into a rainforest every year for Open House. 

Here are some pictures of last year's Rainforest transformation...

(Disclaimer: I am not a patterned art type of gal. All of the art projects my kiddies do are the "I do, you do" step cut method, which makes their art sooo much more original and unique, I think!)

Yup!! The rainforest literally threw up in my room! I love it!!
My kids EAT. IT. UP. every year, and they learn so so much about the rainforest. I am getting excited just thinking about teaching it again this year!!

If you are interested in transforming your classroom into a living rainforest, then you can check this out...
In addition to directions for all of the 10 art projects you see above you, this unit includes all sorts of writing activities for lots of different rainforest animals, which you can save and make into a rainforest book for your kiddos!

I also have my companion Rainforest Fun! Math Literacy Centers available as a companion to my Art and Writing Unit, to extend the rainforest fun just a little bit further! :)

Thanks for checking out my rainforest ideas! I hope you all have a wonderful Open House this year, whatever theme you choose to do! It's a such a memorable experience for our students, isn't it?? :)

Kerri B

P.S. And I hope the aliens haven't abducted your children like they have mine. Hopefully, they'll be back to themselves tomorrow!!


A Tale of 2 First Grades said...

Your room looks amazing! I can tell you had all kinds of fun doing this unit. Kuddos


Mr. First Grade said...

This looks like so much fun! I'm sure it is something your students will remember for a very long time!

Mr. First Grade

Jenna Frederick said...

This reminds me of when I was in second grade! We did a whole rainforest unit and it was so much fun! I wish I was in your class!

I've Got It Made in Second Grade

Dana said...

I am seriously in AWE of all the art you have in your room! I love it! It makes everything so cheerful and I know your kiddos love to come into the classroom everyday!

Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes

Chrissy said...

Your room is gorgeous! I can see why it takes so long to do. The kids must love this time of year in your room!

Katie Lawson said...

This is fantastic!!!

K @ The First Grade Clubhouse said...

I am glad to hear it isn't just my kiddos that have been taken over by aliens! I don't have the same group of students that left before spring break even though they look like the same ones! I am definitely going to get your rainforest activities to tie in with some upcoming activities at our school.

Miss Williams said...

WOW! That is so neat! I love how your room looks! If we had open house then I would definitely do this! I love it!

Fluttering In First

Across the Hall said...

Wow! Your room looks amazing!!! I love it!

Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

Beany said...

I love all your displays! But then I thought. . .what would happen if the inspectors came and there was too much paper on the walls? They wrote me up because I had a science experiment in the window (trying to see what would happen with sunlight on colored paper). That is my luck!

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