Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Muffins for Moms and a Messyhair Family Announcement

Hola mis amigos!  Lindsay here . . .

Just brushing up on a little espanol for Cinco de Mayo . . . And you know what holiday is right around the corner next??

That's right. Mother's Day.

I just love Mother's Day.  And over the years (and probably since I have become a mother) it is just one of those holidays that holds a special place in my heart. AND tends to get me all verklempt.

Maybe I love Mother's Day because I have the best mom.  She is one of the humblest, hardest-working and strongest people I know.  And she's funny too!  (Just ask her to quote some of My Big Fat Greek Wedding for you . . .)   And of course I have fond memories of making breakfast in bed for my mom as a child on Mother's Day. . . . (The menu?  French toast with a side of Diet Coke.  Yep, I was a  REALLY good cook!)  And today I still like to visit my mom every Mother's Day weekend.  She and I could just sit around and talk, watch a marathon of old Cops reruns, or look through old family pictures ALL. DAY. 

I love you mom!

And then of course there's my little guy who came into this world and gave me the title "Momma" (and let's be honest, a few stretch marks to go along with that . . .) and gave Mother's Day a whole new meaning for me . . .

Soooooooo . . . to help celebrate mommies EVERYWHERE (especially the moms of my cute students) I started a tradition of "Muffins With Mom" every year in May so that my little kinder kidlets can shower their moms with singing, sweet homemade cards, a gift, and some yummy treats.  And let me tell you . . . the kids LOVE it! 

We started working on our "secret projects" this week. 

First my kiddos wrote about why they love their moms - seriously, I almost cried.

Next came the task of doing my student "interviews" about their moms.  This is super time consuming (especially this year with 30 kiddos!) but it is such a precious keepsake that I have to do it every year!  To hear what the kids have to say about their moms in their own words is priceless . . . (and hilarious!).  My favorite part: "Mom spends most of her time doing things like making sweaters for me out of yarn."  Awesome.

Finally, we will be making our Mother's Day craftivity (which becomes the outside of the Mother's Day card we will be giving):

If you are looking for a way to celebrate the mothers of your kidlets this year, you can check out my Mother's Day pack in my TPT store (just click on the teapot below).  You will get all of these goodies!

And while we are on the topic of mothers . . . the Messyhair family has an important announcement to make:

That's right . . . we are expecting baby #2 in November!!  We have been so very blessed by the news, and can't wait to meet our little Mr. or Miss in just a few months!!! 

Well, that's about it for now folks!  I'm off to have a little late night snack (I'm eating for two now, right?) and snuggle with the hubs on the couch.  Have a good night!



Magic Mistakes and Mayhem said...

Oh my gosh what an awesome blog post! First of all congratulations!!! That's such a cute photo to share the news!
Secondly that kids mothers day thing is sooo cute- she is 16 and weighs 22 pounds! Bless!

x Serena x
Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

Ashley Reed said...

Yay....love this exciting news!!

Margaux said...

Congratulations!! I also think that is the most adorable way to let people know you're expecting. In my most selfish thoughts though I have to ask... Will you still be posting even on mat leave? I know, I'm awful, but I love me some teacherbitsandbobs!

Congrats again,


Mrs. Anderson said...

Love the Mother's Day ideas!! Congratulations on your upcoming new addition!!! How exciting!!!
Connie Anderson:)

Mrs. Wathen said...

Congratulations on your family addition:) Such a sweet tribute to your Mom too!

The Resourceful Apple

Mrs. Lynes said...

Congrats on your exciting news! And I loooove these Mother' Day ideas, especially muffins for mom!!

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