Friday, January 25, 2013

Five for Friday..and a giveaway at Blog Hoppin!!

Happy Friday, Peeps! Kerri here...

I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching again for her Five for Friday, cause it's just too much fun!!

Okay, let's begin! First up...Brown butter salted rice crispy treats. Can I get a YES PLEASE?? These are absolutely delicious!! I found the recipe online and made them for my friend Carol's birthday-TOO. DIE. FOR!!

Here is the recipe...
1 stick of butter browned (melt until brown and nutty smelling but DO NOT burn. That would be yucky)
1/4 heaping tsp. of sea salt
1 10 oz. bag marshmallows
6 cups of rice crispies

Make just as you would regular crispy treats, adding the brown butter, salt, and marshmallows together and then adding the rice crispies. Wait until cool and then die of deliciousness! Which reminds me, I will be making these again this weekend!!

Next up...our Tacky the Penguin stories. These just came out too cute! The kids LOVVVEED writing about Tacky!!

Number 3...Martin Luther King portraits. I just love first graders' drawings, don't you? And thank you Anna Brantley at Crazy for First Grade for the fabulous "I Have a Dream" paper!!
I have a dream that one day for everybody it is cool and a good day and they love their mom and dad. Awww!!

I have a dream that one day everyone will pick up trash and throw the trash in the trash can. Sweet!
Number new iphone app Retromatic! I am having so much fun turning pictures into posters! And it is SUPER easy to use!!  Check it out...
My pin-up doggy!

Katie B-the goldminer! All ready for her 4th grade Walk Through California History program!!

Finally, Number 5...RAIN!! Bleecch...2 whole days of being trapped inside my classroom with 23 squirrelly perfectly behaved First graders! AND, to top it off, it actually wasn't raining at recess either day, BUT we still had to stay in because of the puddles. What the heezak, people?? They're just puddles! Don't get me started...
rainy I wish my kidlets could have run on you today!!

Watching Heidi sight word songs (which are FABULOUS, BTW) and practicing writing them INSTEAD of recess!

Well, we're off to Cafe Rio for dinner (delicious yumminess!) and then I have a big old date with my fat pants and my blankie on the couch! Have a happy weekend friends!
XOXO Kerri B

P.S. Don't forget to enter our GINORMOUS 100th Day giveaway over at Blog Hoppin! TONS of great 100th day of school products up for grabs!!


Renee Dooly said...

I totally agree with the rainy day thing. I say if it's sprinkling let them out, they won't melt! Have a great weekend!
Fantastic First Grade Froggies

Jenny said...

I discovered this week. It is free and worked great for testing days this week when we lost activity time. The kids were asking to do it again!

Those treats look AMAZING! I can't wait to try that!

Mrs Cupcake said...

I love your MLK display!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Anonymous said...

Wonderful . . . thanks for sharing! :) I absolutely adore the Martin Luther King, Jr. portraits! Oh my word! So very cute. Thank you!

The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

You have some awesome artists in your class! Fantastic :)

The Brown-Bag Teacher

Angelia said...

I love Heidi Songs, too!!! I hate that they had to stay inside at recess though!

Extra Special Teaching

J-Fed said...

wow it has to be really pouring to have an "in" day in rainy BC... the kiddies are expected to dress for the weather and get fresh air!

Karen Stamp said...

I completely agree about the inside days!! We LOVE Heidi songs too!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

I love your Tacky writing, adorable.

The First Grade Princess

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Who doesn't love a Rice Crispy treat!?! I will have to check out that recipe!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Collaboration Cuties said...

I just found your blog through the linky! Your profile description sounds just like Stacia and me! That's how we met and now we work together (I don't know what I'd do if we were split up!). We are now blogging together too!! How fun!

Collaboration Cuties

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