Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Time To Celebrate

Happy Wedensday blogger buddies.  Lindsay here . .
A New Year.
We like the sound of that, right?  Who doesn't want a fresh start?  A new opportunity to set goals, challenge yourself, etc. etc. 
The New Year is what prompts us to make that LOOOONG list of resolutions for ourselves every year: get organized, eat out less, start exercising more, watch less Real Housewives, etc. . . .  And while we don't always reach our goals, sometimes we do - and that is cause for celebration folks!
Which brings me to my story.
I like to "challenge" my students.
It all started when I was a brand-spankin new teacher at California Elementary School seven years ago . . . I was excited about teaching, excited about having my own class, excited about getting a paycheck (FINALLY!).  I was pretty much just young. And excited.
Fast forward to the annual Spring Jogathon Fundraiser at our school.  Well, being that I was - of course - very excited about it, I decided to challenge my students and set a class goal that I wanted my students to earn for the fundraiser . . . and IF they met the goal, the top money-earner from the class would (drumroll please!!)  get to SLIME MISS HALE!!  (Insert dramatic gasp here)
Now I don't know if my students secretly hated me, or if it was the parents who hated me . . . or maybe both?  But man oh man were they ever motivated to slime me!  They EASILY (too easily?) met the goal I set for them . . .
You know what that meant, right?  Yep.  Slimetime.
Sidenote: This is where Miss Kerri Bordelon comes into the story.  She was, even then, the peanut butter to my jelly and was only too glad (and excited?) to "assist" the little kindergartener in raising that bucket of slime and dumping it all over me . . . Such a good friend, right?
Here is photographic evidence for y'all: the Slimage of 2007.  (Please don't judge me for my uber leg white-ness!)  Also, keep in mind that the "slime" was actually green pancake batter. Which then began baking into my hair in the warm California sunshine. Blech.

Also - please notice that the child is actually not even holding the slime bucket, but it is rather my "friend" Kerri . .. Hmmmmm.
Yes, I was at least smart enough to wear goggles.
Needless to say, a tradition was born that year . . . Here is the slimage of 2008.  This time I was smart enough to cover the chair.  However my legs were still incredibly white. Dangit.
Alas, in 2009 my students DID NOT MAKE THEIR GOAL.  Sorry kiddos!  No money, no slimin!!
Here we are, back in action with the slime in 2010.  This year I was smart enough to take the slimage out on the grass, however I don't even see a child pouring slime on my head . . . just Kerri.  Ahh, but notice the shower cap - I was getting wiser!

Of course after 2010 I got laid off, ended up at a new school, Kerri and I were separated forever . . . etc. etc.  Sad times.
But this year, I brought the Jogathon/Sliming/goal-setting tradition back to life for my kidlets.  The goal: $2,500 for Jogathon.  And. They. Did it.
Now I don't know if I was out of practice of the whole "let's get slimed at school because it will be so fun" business or what, but this year was a little rough.  Let me set the scene . . .
December 17th - a windy, cold California day AND the day of The Sliming.  Because I now live so far from my new school there was no way I was going to be able to quickly drive home and shower after being slimed, so my bright not-so-bright idea was to bring a couple of towels, a change of clothes, and just hose off after getting slimed.
I always invite the parents to come watch the sliming (because let's face it, they are the ones who do most of the fundraising, right?) and this year it was like the paparazzi was in attendance.  There were iPhones, recording devices, and I'm pretty sure there may have been a live Internet feed going. And it wasn't just a few moms who came to watch, it was several of the dads too . . . ahem, even some rather good-looking dads who I didn't necessarily wish to see me in all of my ooey-gooey slimy glory. 
But it was too late.
Since Kerri was not able to assist this year, I enlisted the help of my wonderful aide Joanne.  Didn't I look so excited?  (Note: I did not remember to wear goggles OR a shower cap.  I would regret this later. I did, however, remember to cover up my white legs.)

Now at this point, the show was over. 

It was dismissal.  All of the parents were there to pick up their kiddos, and the after school kiddos were supposed to head to their little after school classes.  But that didn't happen.

They lingered.

Dangit.  I didn't factor that into my "I'll-just-hose-off" plan.  So, in front of my 25 kindergarteners, all of their parents and siblings, and the crowd that had gathered along the boardwalk outside my school (have I mentioned that my school is on the beach??) I hosed off.

It was embarassing.  But more than that it was painful. And very, very cold.  Because my "friend" Joanne (who had volunteered to do the hosing) used the jet spray and did not care how very icy cold the water was, she wanted me to hold still and get clean.  (Note to self: I need to get some new friends!)

But of course, in my poor, poor planning I had also neglected to bring clean and dry, er . . . underthings.  So although I had dry pants and a dry shirt and sweater to put on after I was hosed off, I veeeeery quickly began soaking through in some not-very-good-to-be-wet places.  And I had to go to my school Leadership Team Meeting.  With green slime fragments still in my hair, freezing cold in my wet undies and leaky wet bra and completely humiliated.

But it wasn't about me.  It was about celebrating an accomplishment. 

I hope in 2013 my kiddos reach all of the goals they set for themselves.

But next time, I might just buy them a popsicle instead.  :)

Cheers to all of the goals you set for yourself and your wonderful kiddos this year!



Catherine said...

Wow, what a trooper you are! No one at my school would EVER volunteer, let alone think of, throwing him/herself under the fundraising bus like that! Kudos to you! I love it and if I ever do something like it, I will definitely learn through your experiences (dry undies!!). Way to rock the fundraising world!

Shelly Sitz said...

Wow, what a great idea to encourage fundraising!


Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

Miss Kindergarten said...

Haha! Love this!! You are so awesome mrs messy hair!

Mrs. Wathen said...

What a trooper you are! Amazing goals:)

The Resourceful Apple

Mrs. McHaffie said...

This is so fantastic! My teacher friend lets her kiddos put "pie" in her face {just whipped cream in small pie tins}. She does it on the last day of school and all the kiddos parents come to watch! It's awesome...she teaches third grade now and has looped up with her class since first grade. Needless to say they are READY this year as it will be her last with them!

What a great sport you are!! :)
Beg, Borrow, Steal

Gina Nicholls said...

Your post has broght me to giggles and tears! Your dedication to your students is amazing! I can only imagine that this will be something your students remember about you forever! Thank you for sharing this with all of us and for the love and memories you create for your students! Gina

Mrs. Anderson said...

YOU are so brave!!! I am sure the kids will remember the sliming for the rest of their lives.
Connie Anderson:)

Mrs. D said...

That is AWESOME! I'm sure they will never forget that... and how awesome that they were able to raise so much money!

I got a pie-in-the-face at one of our school's pep rallies... and didn't do much planning for it. Needless to say, I had dried whipped cream in my hair until the end of the day. Yuckkk!

Thanks for sharing your cute, inspirational story!

Mrs. D's Firsties

Jenn Bates said...

You are such a good sport!
Finally in First

Gina Coniglio said...

How great! My husband and I teach together. Currently he has a SLIME challenge going on at our school for the top winners in First in Math. (if your school doesn't use this program look into it. We love it!). He is allowing the top winners to "slime" him with anything they choose that of course isn't toxic! LOL! What is your green slime made of?? Found your blog through Pinterest! So cute!
Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

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