Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bachelor Banter and Be Mine Valentine!

Howdy folks!  Lindsay here . . .

Happy almost-the-last-day-of-January!

Tonight's post is gonna be short and sweet.  I stayed up WAY past my bedtime last night watching the Bachelor (instead of Downton Abbey, like Kerri begged me to) last night and I. AM. TIRED.

(Sidenote: What is the deal with Sean keeping Tierra around for another week?  C'mon, I know there are some fellow Bachelor fans out there . . . Thoughts on this week's episode? At least it looks like in next week's episode she just might fall into some sort of an icy river . . .  I don't hate Tierra, I just think Sean is a nice guy with, ahem, rather large amazing muscles, who deserves to find a sweet normal girl who isn't psycho. Is that too much to ask?)

Anyway, as we are enjoying these last few days of January, I have been working furiously to get ready for all of the Kindergarten goodness that is coming next month: 100th Day of School, Valentine's Day, President's Day . . . Seriously, I can't wait.

In getting ready for Valentine's Day, I just finished printing, laminating, and cutting out my brand new unit: Be Mine Valentine {February Math & Literacy Centers)!!

I am SO excited for my kiddos to get their hands on this fun activities, which include 4 math and 4 literacy centers, for a total of 8 colorful, hands-on center activities!

Some of the adorable activities include Cupcake Syllable Sort . . .

Smitten Sight Word game . . .

Be Mine Estimation Station . . .

And Love Shack Addition Sort (just to name a few) . . .

You can check out the whole TPT unit in my store by clicking the cupcake below! (Don't delay folks, Valentine's Day is only 15 days away!!)

Well, that's it for now!  I am off to put on my cozy socks and flannel PJ bottoms - it is freezing tonight!  (And by "freezing" I mean, of course, freezing as us Californians think of freezing . . . ya know, like 45 degrees perhaps?)
Goodnight and happy teaching tomorrow!



Fluttering Through First Grade said...

This looks fabulous Lindsay! What is it about hearts and all the valentine colors that just make ya smile?!

My own kids were grumbling this morning because the house was "freeeeeeezing" at 62 degrees inside. Our east coast friends are rollin their eyes!

Fluttering Through First Grade

Mrs. Griffith said...

Looks so good. I just love the colors of Valentine's day! My kids could probably use some syllable sort practice.

I totally agree about Tierra. I knew she was too good to be true after he gave her the rose after stepping out of the Limo. Does anyone else think Selma looks exactly like Kelly Rippa but with black hair?? I really like her!

For the Love of First Grade

Leslie - The Groovy Teacher said...

Hi Lindsay, that Valentine pack looks awesome, you must be so excited to start using it. As for the Bachelor, I knew Tierra was too good to be true also. She's gotta go. Yes his muscles and just him all over = it's total eye candy. Love watching it:)

Kathy said...

It seems like it always takes the Bachelor a while to come around. She reminds me of Vienna and we all know how that turned out!

First Grade a la Carte

ronnie said...

i'm loving the colorful activities. thanks for all your hard work. vhair61215@gmail.com

Jessica Tobin said...

What a cute center!!!

Second Grade Nest

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