Friday, December 2, 2011

Magic Elf art!!

TGIF!! I am so so happy it's Friday already! Only 10 more teaching days to go (but who's counting, right??) Do any of you have to teach until the 23rd?? That would be HORRIFIC! But, we have to come back January 2nd, which is almost as bad. :( 
Guess who's gonna be doing laundry and going grocery shopping on New Years Day? Yup, that would be me. Grrr....

As promised, here is the Magic Elf art to go along with my Magic Elf unit on TPT...

Disclaimer... (picture me standing on a soapbox) I never, ever, ever, use patterns or tracers in my classroom. All of the art I have my students make is either a direct draw project or cut and paste using squares and rectangles that are turned into circles and ovals. This Magic Elf project is created only using glue and scissors, NO PENCIL, no drawing the pieces before cutting. I know it sounds scary, but IT REALLY WORKS, and the kids learn how to be creative, independent, problem solvers! Plus, each one is TOTALLY unique and it forces the kids to LOOK, LISTEN, and LEARN. Okay, off the soapbox. :)
 I created this elf a few years ago when I taught Kinder, and he has been a class favorite ever since. Here he is....

Here's what you need and the dimensions for each piece. Per child, you need (in inches):

1 green = 7 x 4 for the body/chest (cut the top corners and round)

6 yellow squares = 1x1 for bells (make a "magic circle"-cut the big corners and then the baby corners)

5 red rectangles = 1 1/2 x 2 for the triangle collar (cut a diagonal piece from each side meeting at the top)

1 peach square = 5x5 for the head (magic circle)

1 peach rectangle = 1 1/2 x 5 folded in half for the ears (if it is folded they only need to cut once and they get 2 pieces!) (cut an elf ear shape...I don't know how to describe it, but this part turns out the best because the ears the kids come up with are H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!)

1 red rectangle = 1 1/2 x 6 for the brim of the hat (magic oval. Same as a magic circle but it turns into an oval)

1 green square = 4x4 for the top of the hat (fold in half. Cut diagonally and unfold. You will get a great triangle!)

1 pink = 2x1 for the cheeks (fold in half, cut one magic circle and you will get 2 when you unfold it)

I always start from the bottom and work my way up when showing my students each step, so you can make sure they have glued it correctly leaving space at the top and as you can see, we add detail with sharpie.  :) 
We will be gluing our Magic Elf letters next to the art and I also save these for our end of the year "First Grade Adventure" book.
Hope you can use him with your class! I'll be back this weekend with another Magic Elf freebie! BTW, today my students wrote Christmas is a time for "love" in their little books and their illustrations were darling. Warms my heart!
Kerri B


Grade ONEderful said...

Love it. Thanks. And my kids adore your Magic Elf idea;)

Grade ONEderful

Kerri said...

I have always thought kids need to create things on their own. I've never won a door decorating contest or anything like that because I've always let my kids do it. But when I started teaching kindergarten I just wasn't sure how to let them do their art projects without tracers. This year thanks to blogging we've done several projects like this and I love it. Thanks for sharing such great ideas for the kids to do. I appreciate it.

Kristen said...

ugh, we go right up until the 23rd (though it's a half day) and go back on the 2nd. This is one of those years where the vacation will be very short. Waaa!!!

I love your project and your reasoning for students not using tracers--what amazing skills to offer the kids.
Kristen :)

Kristin said...

This is elf is SO CUTE!!!!!! :) I have been known to use tracers. I just felt like I should confess.
We get 3 weeks this Christmas - the 3rd week is five furlough days. The pay cut was not fun but now I'm all excited about it!! :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Hadar said...

I just love the way you teach your students to make an elf!! What a great and creative way for them!! Thanks for posting this! :)

Miss Kindergarten
Target Treasures

Ms.M said...

I go until the 22nd and go back on the 6th. The 6th is a teachers only day which will be a nice change. However, we did'nt get a fall break this year.

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
A Teacher's Plan

Cecelia said...

Your elf is so cute!
About your "soapbox"- I give a choice. I have templates if kids want them. Some start free style but then decide to switch. I believe it also depends on your class--this year I have an "Edward Scissorhands" group. Templates are a must for about seventy five percent.

beachliesl said...

Just thought I'd say that I chuckled when I read your "soapbox" post. I use 'tracers' (I call them stencils, though I know that is not technically correct) all the time. They are fantastic to use in conjunction with step by step directions. I completely agree with your thoughts about using creativity and ending up with their own products--which is why I chuckled. I use these in centers, and the students create their project. If you could see the results, you'd know why I chuckled---you would never guess that the projects are even related to each other---each child has a differing ability to 1-read and follow the directions, 2-trace, 3-cut, 4-glue! :) If I could take a picture of my "Pete the Cat"s, you'd see what I meant! :)

Thanks for posting and sharing your ideas! :) Its great to have so many "true teachers" sharing!


Camille said...

Just made the elf. I was nervous because I thought it might be too hard for my kinders. Not at all! They did a fantastic job! I did the art lesson whole class (25 students). Ahead of time I prepped the pieces by putting each student's pieces in a baggie. I think that prep saved my sanity and allowed the lesson to be incredibly smooth. Thank you for the great ideas (as always)! Camille

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