Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bats, Haunted Houses, and a Spooky SALE!

Hiya Peeps! I'm baaack...
We had a SUPER busy week last week, learning about Bats and making Haunted Houses. Let's begin, shall we?
We spent 2 weeks learning about bats. The first thing we did was make a circle map for bats...
Then we used this fabulous worksheet from Anna over at Crazy for First Grade to write down 4 bat facts we had learned...
We also made a Bats tree map (Where did I get his? I love it!! Please tell me if it is yours, fellow bloggers!) 
and a Double Bubble map comparing/contrasting Bats and Owls (We learned about owls the first 2 weeks in October)...
We culminated our unit with a direct draw/labeling activity and Bats facts writing (using our Tree Maps to help us!)...TADA!!

We glue or all of our scientifical writing/maps/worksheets in a science notebook, and I save them for the end of the year. It is muy impressive to see all of their science in one place, and they feel very grown-up and fancy using a science notebook!!

We also made uber-cute Haunted Houses to celebrate my favorite holiday! (Snark snark!) These are SUPER easy. First, we step drew a haunted house on brown and traced it with our beloved sharpies. Next, we cut it out and glued it onto dark blue. We added a moon and 2 tombstones for extra added spookiness. Finally, I let them choose 8 foamy Halloween shapes (Thank you Michaels!) and stick them wherever their little hearts desired. They were in H-E-A-V-E-N!!

After the art was done, we used it as inspiration to write Haunted House stories, using the fabulous writing paper from What the Teacher Wants (LOVE IT!!) Aren't they spookilicious?? And easy peasy lemon squeezy too!
We also did my Costume Party Part/Part/Whole Math Center this week, and they kiddos LOVED it! Okay, it was probably due to the fact that they got to use the spooky erasers, but whatever gets 'em excited, right??

You can pick this little diddy up for 20% off (which makes in just $1.60-come on now!!) along with lots of other fun centers through tomorrow (10/29, not 10/28) at both Lindsay and my TPT stores!! Check them out!

Saying a little prayer for all of my East Coast blogging buddies today. Praying you'll all be safe and sound through that giant storm!!
Take Care...
Kerri B


Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

Such wonderful ideas for writing! Thanks so much for sharing!
Ms. A

Angela said...

I really like your science notebooks!

The Daily Alphabet

Michelle Griffo said...

I love the haunted houses!

Mrs. McHaffie said...

Love your part/part/whole math activity!!!
How stinkin cute!!!

Beg, Borrow, Steal

Gina Nicholls said...

I think the tree map is Cara's from last year. I used it too! Gina

Ruby Sun said...

The BATS Can, Have, Are tree map is by "Babbling Abby" at The Inspired Apple.

Jacob Reed said...

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