Saturday, October 6, 2012

Farrell's, Apologies, and Big Winners!!

Happy Saturday, Friends! Kerri here...
This post is gonna be a quickie because I am on the way down the street to my neighbors house for cocktails!! And. let me tell you, I need one tonight, because today I took 10 teenagers to this place for my daughter's 13th birthday...
Does anyone else remember Farrell's from your childhood, or were they only in California?? I think every single kid had a birthday party there in the 70's, and I was one of them! I'll never forget my 7th birthday party was there...awww, memories!

Here's a picture of some ravenous teenage girls digging into the Volcano sundae (30 scoops of delicious goodness!!)

In other news, look at the letter I received on Friday from one of my is too funny!
Although I can't way for sure, I think he is really really so so so sorry, so really sorry! This is exactly why I love First Graders sooo much~they melt my heart every time!!

Lastly, here are the winners of the Brag Tag Giveaway...
a Rafflecopter giveaway

We will be contacting you soon with the details! YEEHAW!!

I'll be back soon with yey ANOTHER giveaway AND my latest unit, called "Fix Up the Mix Up!" Ooohhh, aren't you just sooo intrigued???

Later, Peeps! Martini here I come!
XOXO Kerri


Jill said...

Love the note.

Camille said...

I so remember birthday parties at Farrells!!! But I didn't think they were around anymore. Now I am going to have to google and find out if there are any Farrells in northern California.
Love to you,
An Open Door

Mrs. M said...

Just precious!

Color Me Kinder

Mrs. M said...

Just precious!

Color Me Kinder

Sara Soucy said...

That note is so cute! And I've never heard of that ice cream place, but dang it looks good!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Miss Nelson said...

yay for them! Never heard of that place but looks yummy ;)

Jennyfer said...

I'm up in Washington and I had many a birthdays at Farrell's. ALl the ones up here closed down, how nice to see there are still some around. I think everyine should experince a Farrell's Birthday : )


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