Thursday, August 9, 2012

Johnny Appleseed!!!

Good evening, Friends! Kerri here...
How friggin AWESOME is it that Kerri Walsh and Misty May won the gold medal for the 3rd time tonight!! That was SWEEEEET!

I am so excited to share my newest creation with Johnny Appleseed Lit and Math Centers!
Here's what's included...

Literacy Centers:
-Johnny Appleseed’s Juicy Rhymes-

-Johnny Appleseed Sentence Scramble-

-Johnny Appleseed ABC Order-

-Applelicious Short Vowel Sort-

-The Life Cycle of an Apple-

Math Centers:
-Apple Pickin’! Bar Graph-

-Apple Cider Addition Sort-

-Johnny Appleseed’s Number Order-

-”Apple Season” Missing Numbers-

-Perfectly Ripe Apple Patterns-

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE doing all kinds of apple activities with my kidlets in September! We graph apples, make applesauce, do all kids of apple art, and I cannot wait to incorporate these centers into my Apple week!! I also show my kiddos this absolutely DARLING video...
Do you know it? The Johnny Appleseed portion is classic Disney at it's best, and it really tells his story so well! Guess what?? You can buy it on AMAZON! Click on the picture to get your own copy of this DVD...

Of course, I also uploaded the companion Johnny Appleseed writing center as well, which my kiddos will use to write about Johnny after we learn about him...

Well, it's midnight here in Cali, and I AM BEAT!! I will be back soon with a Johnny Appleseed art project FREEBIE and another fun Johnny FREEBIE, so stay tuned!!
XOXO Kerri


Heather's Heart said...

Your Johnny Appleseed activities look awesome! I am adding them to my wishlist! =)

Thank you for sharing about the movie too! I think I'll be buying it soon. =)

Heather's Heart

Lisa R. said...

I am definitely adding it to my wishlist too. I am a huge fan of your work! I also added the movie to my Amazon cart! Thanks for sharing about that! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Catherine said...

I love the the look of these activities! I think it may have to make an appearance in my TpT cart in a moment. I have a question about the video... I have the video, but have never shown it in class because of the song that he sings at the beginning of the story, "The Lord is Good to Me" and the mention of the Bible (I think they call it the "good book") that he carried with him. I so love the story and the video is priceless. Just was wondering if you'd ever had parents say/complain about the religious component...
Thanks! Catherine

Mrs. Reed said...

This is a great unit!
Flying Into First Grade

Justin said...

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