Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Classroom updates, and an APPLICIOUS FREEBIE!!

Good evening, Peeps!! Kerri here...
First of all, a BIG OLD GINORMOUS THANK YOU to all of you who purchased items from Lindsay and I during the fabulous TPT sale! We are truly overwhelmed and so so blessed by all of your support! :)

In other news,  I am feeling quite domesticated tonight! I made homemade strawberry jam today and homemade vanilla pudding (currently chilling in the fridge!) tonight! YUMMY! My husband is on a wheat free kick (AGAIN-the guy lost 20 pounds last time and he wasn't even overweight AT ALL-what a turd!) so I am trying to be creative with my sweet treats, while silently kicking and screaming "NOOOO! Bread is my only reason for living!!"

I have been going into my classroom a little here and there, and I am so excited about my new classroom purchases/updates! Check them out...
revamped crate seats with vinyl covers! ME LOVES!!

Cutesy cute hanging file folders from Mardel!

Pinterest inspired eraser cap dispenser and chimes to quiet my chitlins!

New carpet squares, ala IKEA. $3 each!

Super shaggy carpet, also IKEA! Only $5, folks!!
Sidenote-my husband just claimed I have a "bagel butt", coined from this book Wheat Belly that he is currently reading. DUDE! That guy is soooo busted! (He was just kidding me, don't worry! My butt is ROCK HARD! HAHA-yeah right~)

Here's a little FREEBIE for ya that goes along with my newest unit...

I have been graphing apples for years with my kidlets-We learn about good ole Johnny, my kids all bring in an apple to class, and then we sort them, graph them, and make applesauce in the crockpot using this AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL tool-TADA!!
Have you heard of this apple peeler/slicer/corer?? I got mine at ACE hardware but they also sell them on AMAZON. This thing will rock your faces off, seriously! I can peel/slice/core all 24 apples my kiddos bring in in like 10 minutes-no joke! It is also AWESOME to have at home when you want a quick apple but you hate the peel (like me!)

I usually peel them at home and then peel just one in class as a demonstration, just for the entertainment value of seeing my kids faces. The kids are AMAZED, and of course, I give them all a little taste because this contraption cuts the apple really thin and spirally so you can break off pieces really easy. (Dude, I feel like this is an informercial-sorry!)

Anyway, back to your FREEBIE. I was using the old apple graph from AIMS FOR-EV-AH and it is just so old and ratty that I had to make a new one, which you can download for free on TPT! Click the apple to head on over and download!

Last thing, I promise...
My baby brother, whom I love and adore, was visiting from Seattle. He is 11 years younger than me, which make him just 10! (Just joshing-he's 27, which is so weird, since I'm only 29!)
Anyway, my mom is always bugging us for a picture together, so we obliged her...

And then, he busts out the shakey face. What is that, you ask??
SERIOUSLY!!! What the heck is wrong with that guy?? Is that not the most HIDEOUS thing you have ever seen?? I think it JUST may have to become a tradition, because he also did it when we visited him in Seattle! That kid kills me, and I just LOVE him to bits!!

Alright, I'm out, Peeps! Gonna walk my pooch with the fam!
XOXO Kerri

P.S. My husband changed my nickname to "Bagel Bowels", which is TOTALLY true. I have SERIOUS issues, if you know what I mean? Anyone else with me??


Mrs. Wheeler said...

Looks great! I love the little rug!!!!!!! I need one asap!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

rmdirk said...

Your room is so cute!!! I love your Ikea you mind passing along the name of them? I am hoping I can order them online.


Miss Foote said...

My mom just got me that peeler for my birthday, so that I quit borrowing hers! Last year we used it, in class, to make applesauce! My brother and I never have our picture together either. Fun!

Chickadee Jubilee

Sara Soucy said...

I LOVE your rugs! I need to get to IKEA asap!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Mrs. Smyth said...

I love that you posted pics of you and your brother. I just about fell of the chair at his "face". My younger brother does "ugly face" in pictures... now MY children are doing it! Gotta love brothers! :)
New Adventures in First Grade

P.S. LOVE the carpet squares.... I'm seeing an IKEA trip in my near future :)

Mrs. Kerola @ Happy Literacy said...

I love your idea of using vinyl to cover your crate seats. I just bought new fabric to revamp mine but might have to think about that.

Happy Literacy!

Holly Gerlach said...

I love your new IKEA purchases! Your room looks wonderful-- I am loving the vinyl on the crate seats!


Learning Adventures with Mrs. Gerlach

Kristin said...

Still still loving those vinyl seats!!!
And brotherly love--very sweet!

crazymom said...

You are so funny! Love reading your blog! Just bought your Johnny Appleseed set. LOVE...SUPER LOVE!!

Angela said...

Thank you for the freebie!!

The Daily Alphabet

Miss Cosby said...

Oh yay! Thanks so much. Johnny Appleseed season is right around the corner! Oh, and I have one of those apple peeler/corers in green. I love it. I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond. It's so handy.

You Might Be a First Grader...

Robert Rhyne said...

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Brittany Edwards said...

Where did you find your gum ball machine? I am having a hard time finding one that the erasers won't jam. Does your students use coins to get the erasers out?

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