Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Rocking Chair some school supplies!

Happy Thursday, folks!! Kerri here...
Oh my word. I am TIRED, and my kids aren't even coming until Tuesday!! We have been officially back in our classrooms for the past 2 days (well, I have been back in for a couple of weeks couple of months now, but I'm just a tad bit obsessed with school! Who's with me??) and I am already sooo darn tired! I don't think it helps that I have been staying up WAY TOO LATE watching my Big Brother (How AWESOME was last night's episode?? That Dan is something else!)

I did one final project for my classroom this week and I just have to old ratty rocking chair that I have had FOREVER (I rocked both of my babies in it...awwww) has been in my classroom for a few years now and was looking pretty tore up from the floor up! Here it was in all it's fugliness...
That TOMS sticker is the ONLY redeeming thing about it, poor thing. 

So, I seriously got all DIY, and I did it all by myself, without ANY help from the Hubs, which is HUGE because usually I am whining and asking questions, and in general, begging him to do these types of painting projects for me! 

First, I sanded her lightly and then spray painted her a BEE-YOU-TI-FUL turquoise color (Note to self... never spray paint whilst wearing your wedding ring without gloves. My hand and my wedding ring turned turquoise-DARNIT!!)

After she dried, I painted on white polka dots and a giant B (no, the B does not stand for butt, although mine will be sitting on it regularly. It stands for my last name!) 

Finally, I... wait for it... MOD-PODGED her with SPARKLY mod podge (naturally... I can't live without my Mod Podge!) I'm so proud of myself!!!
Tada...introducing, "Blue Betty" the rocking chair!

Isn't she so purdy?? She looks muy fabuloso next to all of my Dots on Turquoise accents!

In other news, the sweet folks at MPM School Supplies allowed me to shop for some back to school items through their website! They were so easy to work with, the products came in a timely manner, and they have a HUGE selection! Here are some items I picked up...
For writing colorful anchor charts!

So I can call on those kids who NEVER FREAKING RAISE THEIR HANDS!! Grrr...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Magnetic for my white board!

To practice our 1 minute fluency passages!!

These are triangle pencils for easier gripping!
They are also offering a 10% discount for the first 10 people who order supplies through their website! Here is the code if you are interested in checking them out and getting some back to school goodies!!

Well, that's all I got tonight, Peeps! Hope school is going well for ya, and that your new bunch of kidlets are fabulous~! I cannot wait to meet mine on Tuesday. Lindsay and I will be back this weekend with our classroom photo tours, so stay tuned!!

XOXO Kerri


Kimberly Santana said...

The chair turned out SO great!!!

The Learning Tree

Allison Hutchins said...

LOVE your chair! I love that teachers can take something that is so sad and make it into something GREAT again. You did an awesome job :) I'm new to the blog world and your newest follower! Come check me out at


Mrs. Anderson said...

Wow!!! Your chair is awesome!!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Love that chair! Awesome!!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Kristin said...

Love that rocking chair!!!!!!! Sooooo cute!!!!!!!!
And Dan is so good at the game!!! I'm really sad that Britney is gone.... I love that girl!

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Love your chair!! It looks great!!

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Holly Gerlach said...

Looks amazing :)
Learning Adventures with Mrs. Gerlach

Sara Welsh said...

I love that you refurbished this old rocking chair. I'm sure the kids in your class just love that chair. My kids favorite part of bed time is listening to a story in my lap being rocked to sleep on our rocking chair.

Sara Welsh |

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