Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Origami and End of the Year Art Projects!

Hi Blogging Buddies! Kerri here...
Oh. my. word. 3 days left! 16 report cards left (I am on a strict schedule-8 a night for 3 nights!), plus about a brazillion other odds and ends (including cleaning my room. Let's not go there-it isn't pretty, peeps!), but I can actually see summer in my not-so-distant future! YIPPEE!

Today we had origami day! I showed my kids parts of this AMAZING documentary... Girls, (and boy?) if you haven't seen this, then you MUST watch it this summer! It is SERIOUSLY BAD@$$! I cannot believe what these people create using only one piece of paper with NO cuts and NO tape or glue. If you have netflix, you can watch it for FREE! 
After we watched it, my kids were all jazzed and they were trying to fold paper into shapes all day long! It was too cute! At the end of the day, my wonderful room mom came in and taught the class how to make a box that you blow into to make it puff up! They were SOOOO proud of themselves! I highly  recommend Origami Day!

We also made these end-of-the-year art projects today. I found 8x10 canvases (the flat kind) at Dick Blick.com for like $15 for 24! Isn't that a steal?? Then we mod-podged them with tissue paper and put our 50's kids self-portraits that we made on the 50th day of school over the tissue paper. They are SO cutey McCuteness!! Check them out...

Okay, I gotta stop the procrastinating! I still have to do my 8 report cards tonight!

See ya, Peeps!


Rachelle said...

I know how you feel, girl!!!!!! I still have one more week!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!

Loving your projects!!!

Kristin said...

Oragami Day?!? How fun!!!!
Cute portraits!!!
Hang in there--you can do it!

Jennifer Tilton said...

What a creative idea! You will be out soon!

Chrissy said...

That video sounds amazing! Good luck with your report cards.
First Grade Found Me

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Origami idea! It is great to get students watching documentaries too. I am filing this idea away for next year. Thanks again!

Delighted in Second

jeremy said...

So cute and nice. Well drawn.

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Kim and Kelly said...

Very cute!! Love the self portraits. We are your newest followers, check us out if you can. We are looking forward to reading your blog!

Sarah SK said...

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