Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book Match Literacy Center!

Happy Saturday, Friends! Kerri here...
I can't believe that one week of Summer Vacay is over already! Let me tell you what I did last week....

a whole bunch of NOTHING! and it was glorious!! Well, I did manage to find time to read, work out, go shopping, sleep in, and make green smoothies for breakfast, but my baskets of clean laundry DID NOT get folded for the entire week-HA! In your face, laundry!! :)

I have a little something to share today that is EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY to make, and my kids ABSOLUTELY love doing (both Kinder and First Grade)! I call it "Book Match", but really what a boring name! I have never been able to think of a more clever name for it, but anyways, all this center requires are emergent readers (with 1-2 sentences per page), sentence strips, and gallon size Ziploc bags!

Okay, all you need to do is write out the story on sentence strips, cut the words apart, and store the words and the book in a large ziploc baggy, labeled with the name of the book on it, of course. During centers, my kidlets work in pairs to put the story back together correctly. I used this center ALL THE TIME in Kinder, and it is perfect for the beginning of First Grade too! 

A helpful tip: write a letter or word in pencil on the back of each word card for each book, so you know which baggy the word card goes into when your students inevitably come up to you 10 minutes later with a word card they have found! (DRAT!!) 

I don't even laminate mine, I have used these for years and they are still in perfect condition!

Another thing I have is varying levels of books for my different levels of students. Some of my books are VERY basic with only 1 sentence per page, and others have 2 longer sentences which makes it MUCH more difficult because there are so many more words to sort and put in order. 

In Kinder, I taught my kids to sort their cards by word, especially if the books are predictable, and this helps them manage all of those words cards. In First Grade, I let them just go for it, and use whatever strategy they want to!

I have used Sunshine books, Phonics and Friends books, and the Phonics Readers from Houghton Mifflin for this center, but really ANY emergent readers that have predictable text would be PERFECT, so get crackin' friends! Your kiddos will LOVE LOVE it, and this costs you NADA! 

P.S. Why are Yoga outfits so flippin' expensive?? I mean really, $79 for a pair of stretchy pants? Ridiculous! I'm gonna try TJ Maxx and see if I have better luck, cause LuLu Lemon is WAY out of my price range! :/


Michele said...

I love this idea! Sometimes the most simple things can have a big impact! I like to have centers that I don't have to go buy cutesy stuff for and just use things that I already have!! Thanks for sharing...I will definitely use this one!
What I Learned in Kindergarten

Erin Sample said...

Such a great idea! I will be doing this at the beginning of first grade this year. Thanks so much for sharing!
Sample’s Superstars

Anonymous said...

Weeks in the summer fly by so fast! Thanks for the great center idea. Good luck finding those yoga pants! :)

Delighted in Second

Rebecca said...

What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that?? ;) Thanks for sharing!


Lisa R. said...

That is a wonderful idea! I can't wait to add this to my center time! Thanks for sharing!
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Primary Possibilities said...

This is great stuff! Thank you for sharing your ideas. We have nominated you for an award. Please visit to pick up your award. Stephanie

Jennifer Tilton said...

Love this! They need something to do at the reading center, especially when they can not yet read. Pinning it!

Kristina said...

I love this! What a great idea for the beginning of the year! I a definitely going to add this to my To Do list. :)

megandw said...

LoVe It! How fun and easy! I am definitely going to pin and add to my list! I also love how it can so easily be differentiated! Thanks for sharing!

Ziggyfriends said...

I do this alot for one sentence, but I never thought of giving them the WHOLE book! Thanks for the inspiration.


Rene Machjewski said...

This is a super idea for building sentence schema!!! I know what you mean about those yoga pants. I think it's because yoga is expensive to practice so the attire should be too!!! ;) Love your blog. Found you through pinterest! I am a new follower!

A Passion For Primary

Greg said...

I LOVE this! Such a great way to work on sentence structure. Thanks for this great idea!!

I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll check out my new "manly" blog!

Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

Just Wild About Teaching said...

this is such a fun way to have students order their sentences.... im your newest follower...drop by =)

Just Wild About Teaching

Veronica said...

Great idea! I keep a notebook of ideas I want to remember, with the name of the blog I found it on...this is already recorded. :) Thanks.

Traci said...

FABULOUS idea! So simple, yet powerful.
❤Dragonflies in First ❤

Patty Rutenbar said...

Kerri and Lindsay,
I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger award! Yea! It's fun to be honored with this. Stop over at my blog and you'll see how to pick it up!
Second In Line

Rebecca said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing with us!
Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,

Steph said...

Hi there! I've awarded you the One Lovely Blog award :) Fee free to stop by to pick it up!


The Quirky Apple

sspeller said...

I also use this as a Literacy Workstation in my classroom. If you are looking for a fast way to accomplish the same thing, I simply type out the text to each book on the computer and then print, laminate and cut apart the words. That way I can even use this technique during guided reading, making multiple copies of the same text in a really quick way!

Deanna said...

Great ideas! Thanks, and I will be your newest follower in a matter of minutes. :)
Think all night…..Teach all day

Justin said...

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Joseph Wilson said...

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