Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You like Sushi??

Well, I sure don't! But, being a vegetarian does make it hard to enjoy all that raw fish! :)

Lots of my kiddos, on the other hand, LOVE sushi! Isn't that weird? That is all they talk about and they even bring dried seaweed for their snacks at recess 

So when I saw this super duper fab clip art set on for only $1, I about fell over from excitement! What better way to engage all my sushi eaters than with a Sushi-themed adjective and verb sort! And the little pieces of sushi are SOOO DARLING! I hope you enjoy this fun little center!
XOXO- Kerri!


Kinderpond said...

Love them!!!! Adorable!


Dana said...

Love sushi and LOVE this activity!!! Thanks! :)

Amanda K. said...

YAY! I got the email from LD that this set was on sale! I wanted to buy it but didn't know how I could use it! THANKS so much for posting this!


Ms.M said...

Your vegetarian? I'm vegan. :) Though I still love the sushi activity. It's just darling. Thanks for sharing.

Ms. M
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Rikki said...

Too Cute! Thank you so much and it's free. You're awesome.

Sarah said...

I LOVE this so much! (I'm a big fan of sushi.) Most restaurants make sushi rolls that are only veggie. Cucumber roll with cream cheese is SO good! ... I love food. :/
Thanks for the post! I'm going to use it next week!

Amy said...

I love these graphics! Thank you!

Mrs. Lochridge said...

Too cute!! Don't know what's more delightful...sushi or your little activity!?!

First Grade Factory

Beth said...

I love this activity! You are the best!!

Malarie said...

This is the cutest thing EVER!!! Thank you!!

Mrs. Christensen said...

I LOVE your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Megan :)

Kristin Young said...

I love those graphics but had no idea what to do with it. You are so creative! :) Thanks for sharing!

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