Thursday, April 7, 2011

1-100 Cards!

Hey there! Kerri here...
I made these a while back for the 100th day of school! They have come in SOOO handy! Not only do we use them to order numbers 1-100, we use them to... 

  • do place value activities
  • grab 4 out of a bag and put them in order from least to greatest or vice versa
  • grab one and then write the next 4 numbers or the 4 numbers that came before the one they grabbed
  • write the number word for the number taken out of the baggy
  • greater than/less than activities
  • etc. etc.
I ran each set on different colored construction paper, so I would be able to tell whose baggy was missing the NUMBER 19 THAT WAS DROPPED ON THE FLOOR!! (Can you tell what my pet peeve is??) and then presto, TONS of math activities in those little baggies!
One more day until Spring Break, but who's really counting??
Me!! See ya! 
Click above to download your own set!