Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hi Everyone! Welcome to our blog. After being inspired in SOOOO many ways by all of you creative teachers out there, my Teacher Besty Lindsay and I decided we'd share a little of our creativity as well...with our very own blog! We have been friends for 5 years. Lindsay was my student teacher in Kindergarten and then we taught Kinder together for the next 4 years. Last year, due to budget cuts, Lindsay was laid off (BOO!) and after she left our school, I decided to change schools as well to teach first grade. She got re-hired to teach 3rd grade (YAY!) at another school, so while we aren't teaching together anymore, we will be able to see each other's classroom happenings through our BLOG!!!

Isn't this blog design to die for?? Thank you to Miss Cara Carroll at Oh So Spoiled and The First Grade Parade for our beautiful design. She is one talented lady!

We are way excited to start posting pictures and downloading documents for you all to use in your own classrooms...if you want too! Let the fun-ness begin!


rayadair said...

Love the Math Wall! 3rd is an awesome group! Please keep sharing. I really appreciate it! : )

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