Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stitch Fix Review #2!!

Hiya Peeps!! Kerri here...

I am so so so excited to share with you about my 2nd Stitch Fix box!! It came on Saturday and I was over the moon with excitement! It was even better because my mom was over and I got to model all the pieces for her. She is THE perfect person to model clothes for, let me tell you! She was more excited than I was!! :)

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? I recently found out about it because of Pinterest, and I was immediately intrigued. Having someone SHOP for me, and picking things out that are uniquely MY style?? Heck yeah!

Here is how Stitch Fix works:

1. Create a Style profile on the Stitch Fix Website

2. Have 5 handpicked items that fit your style profile delivered to your house.
3. Keep what you like and check out online. Send back the rest in a pre-paid envelope.
4. Look fabulous at work!!

It takes about 10 minutes to fill out your style profile online, and it is very fun, because you get to choose different outfits that best represent you. I loved this part! 

This really is the easiest service in the world. There is no pressure to keep anything. If you don't like anything, they charge you a $20 styling fee, but if you keep at least one item, the $20 fee goes toward the cost of that item, and shipping is FREE both ways. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

Well, here is what I saw when I opened the box this time... I just love and adore the style cards that they include with every box. This gives me a great idea of what I can pair each piece with!

And here are my pile of lovely clothing items...aren't they so beautiful??

So now, I'll break down each individual piece and show you how I looked in each one. Disclaimer-I feel horribly awkward in these pictures and I desperately need botox on my crazy forehead lines (I'd never do it though-too weird!), plus I feel like I was squinting (sigh),  but I love to see other bloggers try their clothes on, so what the HEY, right??

Up first...the KUT FROM THE KLOTH Cranston Paisley Cross-Front Racerback Blouse. When I first saw it, I was IN LOVE with the coral and teal color! Plus the style was sooo unique. I was excited about this one for sure...

When I tried it on, I noticed that the racerback style was making my bra show and unfortunately, I don't have a racerback bra so that was going to be awkward. Also, the neckline was a bit LOW for my taste. Gotta keep those girls hidden, right ladies?? ;) 
So the jury was out on this one...

 Next up...the DANIEL RAINN Archer Ikat Print Button Front Blouse. When I took it out, I was like, "Meh. Cute but kinda boring?" I love bright colors and this one was so subdued, plus I thought it was a little old for my taste.

Then I tried it on. Girls, I must be getting old, because I ABSOLUTELY loved it!!I love that it has a built in cami underneath that is super soft and silky. I love the button details on the front and I love the subtle print. When I paired it with jeans and my Kendra Scott abalone jewelry set, I know it was a winner!!

Item #3-the DANIEL RAINN Tolley Mixed Print Crochet Detail Tie-Neck Blouse. This one I fell in love with the minute I saw it. I love the color, I love the crochet panel down the front, and I love that it also has a built in cami. I couldn't wait to try it on!

Yup, I LOVED this one too!! The color, the style, so girly and feminine! This top can be dressed up or down, but I love wearing it with my good old cropped jeans (my favorites!)

Okay, item #4-the Ark n Co Violette Embroidered Detail Dress. I liked this one immediately as well. I thought that the embroidery was interesting and I liked the shorter length. I NEVER would have picked this out in a store, but I really liked it!

And then I tried it on. And felt like they accidentally left a couple of inches off the bottom. This one was WAYYY too SHORT for me! Maybe when I was 21, but not anymore people!! So sad too, because I thought it was super cute!!

Last one...the PIXLEY Livie Abstract Chevron Maxi Dress. 
Okay, they had me a chevron and then lost me at Maxi Dress. I have never even entertained the idea of buying a maxi dress. Is that weird? Whenever I see them on the rack, I think too long, too skinny, just not me. But like I said, I loved the colors and the chevron was calling my name, so.....

TADA!!! Holy Cannoli!! I loved it with every fiber of my being. The length was PERFECT, the colors were MY COLORS 100%, and I felt pretty darn cute in it, if I do say so myself!!

 This dress was DEFINITELY my favorite one of the bunch, and here's a little close up to show you the beautiful print!

Well, there you have it! My  2nd Stitch Fix box was a HUGE success! The most amazing part of this whole experience is that I would NOT have chosen any of these items for myself, but I LOVED all of them and they all worked pretty well on my body, but a couple just made me a teensy bit uncomfortable. So in the end, I sent back the first top and the short dress, but kept the rest!! YAY me!!

My mom was SOOOO excited that she even signed up! She's quite the adorable grandma and I know Stitch Fix will pick out some fabulous pieces for her!

Stitch Fix is like Christmas is a box, girls! And the best part is, you schedule your own fixes. Once a year, once a quarter, once a month. It's TOTALLY up to you. When I checked out, I made sure to leave detailed notes about each piece, what I liked or didn't like, so the next time I get my box, my stylist Allison (Love you girl!!) will have a better sense of my personal style. 

If you are intrigued, you can check it out here and if you use my referral code, I receive a credit when your first Fix is shipped so then I can keep on blogging about it and showing you awkward photos of myself! :)

Stitch Fix is THE BOMB ladies! And I'm so glad I tried it. I think I might be hooked. You probably will be too!

XOXO Kerri B


Unknown said...

My Stitch Fix will be here Saturday. SO excited! You look great. :) How much were you're items? That's the only thing I'm concerned with - I'll fall in love, but simply can't afford a $100 maxi dress. I would never even look at something so expensive in a store, so I made sure to emphasize the low-cost necessity.


Unknown said...

You looked absolutely adorable in each piece! I've wanted to try Stitch Fix for so long now but I'm worried about the "fit". I have trouble finding clothes on my own that fit just right...I always seem to be in between sizes and at only 5'1, I'm a shorty!! I just love the selections they made for you though! Thanks for sharing! :)

Jodi said...

I don't think you looked awkward at all- you look gorgeous! My favorite was number 3 but i also liked the first one. As a girl who has cleavage even in a turtle neck I completely understand why you didn't keep it! Thanks for modelling! Jodi

Taryn Ryan said...

What beautiful clothes! You looked great in everything!!! :)

Unknown said...

Ah! So fun! You look amazing in all of them. I even like the ones that you sent back! You totally pulled them off. :) For future reference, for racerback shirts like that I use these cool clips that you put on your bra straps and they turn any bra into a racerback for you. Love them. Thanks for sharing!

Glindathgd said...

You had a wonderful collection chosen for you! I think you purchased perfectly! The first top looked quite "sexy" just in case you ever need something like that.

Miss Kindergarten said...

You are the Stitch Fix winner!!!! Everything looks absolutely adorable on you and you are the perfect model! So much fun!

Kinderkay said...

You are so cute, Kerri - in ALL of them! I signed up a few months ago, but haven't had the courage to send in my profile yet... you have given me some "brave", my friend!


Unknown said...

Could you be more cute? I LOVE your choices! #jealous

Donna said...

You should've kept it ALL! Seriously, you looked great in every single thing! I especially love that Ikat Print blouse!

Learning at the Teacher Table

Laura said...

Love it all! You are too cute! I'm pinning a few pieces...maybe I'll find them in my first Fix!!
Peace, Love, and First Grade

Unknown said...

I just signed up using your link. It sounds like fun so we'll see. Thanks for sharing.

Luv My Kinders said...

Love the items in your fix. I love Maxi's and that one looks great on you. I did not like the cream colored blouse on the hanger...but it looks really good on you. So many times they look totally different once you put them on. That is one of the things I love about the stitch fix is it helps you to try things you might not always pick for yourself. I got my first one this week and wasn't as lucky as you with the right fit. But, I am still excited for my next one.

Luv My Kinders

Anonymous said...

I got dress #4 as well. Looks great on you.

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