Sunday, April 29, 2012

Summer Olympics, Superheroes, and a Math FREEBIE!

Good Morning, friends! Kerri here...

I LOVE the Summer Olympics! Like, I seriously LOVE them. I love the theme song, I love the opening ceremonies, I love Bob Costa announcing and commentating, I love this guy...
Oh Michael, I forgive you for getting all wild and crazy at that party after the last Olympics. You were obviously under alot of stress!

Most of all, I love this sport and these gentlemen...their muscles are HUGE!  I mean, they are AMAZING talented on those rings! 

What I DO NOT love, however, is when I go on the internet and Yahoo ruins it for me by announcing winners before I have actually watched the event. DANGIT!

To celebrate the upcoming Summer Olympics in London this summer (Man, 2 of my favorite things-the Olympics and London, what I wouldn't give to be there!), I have created my Summer Olympics! Math and Literacy Centers Pack!! Cue Olympics theme song...
This pack is the perfect way to get your little cuties all excited about the upcoming Summer Olympics (remember, most of them were wee babies when the Olympics were on last time!) AND this packet is sure to keep them engaged during the "I could care less about school cause I want it to be summer already" period that we are all going through right now! Am I right??
Here is what you get... 10 centers total!

Literacy Centers:
-Summer Olympics Contractions-
laminate and cut out Olympics word cards. Students use cards to match up the contractions and fill out the 2-sided worksheet.
-Summer Olympics! Sentence Scramble-
laminate and cut out word cards. Students unscramble sentences and complete the 2-sided worksheet, adding correct capitalization and punctuation.
-Summer Olympics! ABC Order-
laminate and cut out word cards. Students put cards in ABC order and complete the ABC ORder worksheet.
-Summer Olympics! Making Words-
laminate and cut out letter cards. Students use letters to make words and write those words on the worksheet.
-Summer Olympics! Vowel Sort-
laminate and cut out word cards. Students sort words by short or long vowel and then complete corresponding 2-sided worksheet.

Math Centers:
-Summer Olympics! Bar Graph-
laminate and cut out Olympics picture cards. Students sort cards and then make a bar graph and answer questions based on the data on 2-sided worksheet.
-Summer Olympics! Fact Family Sort-
laminate and cut out fact family and number sentence cards. Students sort number sentences by fact family and record their work on worksheet.
-Summer Olympics! Add 3-
laminate and cut out number cards. Students sort cards by picture, add the 3 numbers on the cards, and write number sentences on worksheet
-Summer Olympics! Subtraction Match-Ups-
laminate and cut out number cards. Students match subtraction facts with their sums and record number sentences on the worksheet.
-Summer Olympics! Part/Part/Whole-
laminate and cut out part/part/whole number cards and the missing number cards. Students put the missing numbers where they belong on the part/part/whole cards and write the corresponding addition or subtraction fact on the worksheet.

You can also get the Summer Olympics Writing Center companion!

SUPERHEROES!! OHMYSNAPS!! I about died of giddyness when I saw these from Melonheadz! Isn't She-Hulk adorbs?? My kidlets are going to freak the freak out when I show them this one!

Click on any of the above pictures to go to my TPT store. You won't regret it, I promise! :)

Here is a little freebie to throw in your math centers this week. All it requires is dominoes. Kiddos choose a domino, draw the dots, and write an addition and subtraction sentence that go with the domino. Done and Done! Click on the domino to download!
Hope your Sunday is FABULOUS!! I'll be back later this week with the LUNA projector giveaway, I promise!

Friday, April 27, 2012

A whole bunch of good old randomness!!

Hey friends!  Lindsay here . . .

Tonight you are going to get a bit of BOTH of us, Kerri and I.  How lucky are you?  Answer: very.

Wow.  I feel like I have SO much to catch up on!  We have been busy little kinder kidlets . . . working on Earth Day, Open House, Mother's Day, etc. etc. etc. You get the idea.

First off: Earth Day.  Unfortunately I don't have many pictures to share, but we did do all sorts of fun things . . .

First, we did a beach cleanup .  Yes, my crazy school is on the beach.  This is my view every morning when I pull up: boardwalk, basketball courts, lifeguard tower and sand.

Next, I invited the father of one of my students to come in and talk about the importance of using reusable bags.  Not only did he share great insight with the kiddos, but he even brought each student a reusable bag of their own to take home from his very own company, LOVE Reusable Bags.  Check them out HERE - aren't the little snack bags adorable? 

Finally we wrapped up Earth Day by writing our own Earth Day pledges, and they turned out SO cute. 

This student wrote: 1. I will recycle aluminum. 2. I will clean up trash, and 3. I will take a quick shower.

I love what this students said on #2: I will be careful to not step on a worm.  Good stuff. :)

If you would like to download this lil handy graphic organizer, click the image below.  (I know, I know . . . Earth Day is over. Print it, save it, and pull it out next year people.)

The next big hooha (is that a word?) in our room with be our "Muffins With Mom" tea in two weeks.  My kidlets are stoked. Over the moon.  Giddy with excitement.  Except for the little boy who asked if he will have to wear a dress.  But don't worry . . . he is coming around.

Being a brand-new mommy myself this year, I wanted to do something extra special for all of the hardworking moms of my kiddos.  So in addition to a handmade gift, we will be have tea and treats, and presenting the moms with a wonderful, homemade cards of heartfelt sentiments. 

First, we filled out our official Muffins With Mom invitations - to be sent out next week.

Next, we filled out our graphic organizer about why we love our moms.  My wonderful writer-kidlets will be using their graphic organizer and putting their ideas into complete sentences! (Insert proud teacher face here.)

I LOVED this student's second idea so much: I love my mom because she works so so hard.  AFTER I stopped sobbing uncontrollably (yes, still have mommy guilt about going back to work), this sparked a GREAT discussion about WHY some mommies have to go to work.  Incorrect answer: "So they can buy stuff." Correct answer: "So they can take care of us." 

This was another sweet one. Reason #3: She makes me laugh.  (More tears.)

Next up - a Mother's Day craftivity.  In keeping with our tea party theme, we will be  making these ADORABLE little teacups for the front of our Mother's Day cards with the words "You are my cup of tea!". 

If you want to pick up my Mother's Day "My Cup Of Tea" pack at TPT, click on the teapot below. Included in this pack you get:

-Muffins With Mom invitation (customizable for your school, students, date, etc.)
-Teacup craftivity with step-by-step instructions and pictures
-What I Love About Mom graphic organizer
-What I Love About Mom writing paper
-All About Mom fill-in-the-blank activity (Warning: responses may be unexpected and highly hilarious!!)

If you check out this unit on my TPT store, pay no attention to the horrible preview images - the fonts are not showing correctly. Grrrrr. (Click on the preview image instead.)

Well, that's all for me tonight folks.  Happy Friday!

Good Evening, Faithful Followers! Kerri here...
I'm gonna keep it short and sweet tonight, cause Peeps, I am T.I.R.E.D.! What a week! This week, we were working on our Rainforest Unit whilst learning about macaws (Exhibit A)...

Aren't they pretty and bright?? Sharpie and oil pastels are a magical combination!
We also bubble-mapped AND tree mapped our thoughts on macaws (Exhibit B)...

These activities are found in my Rainforest Fun! Art and Writing Pack, if like what you see and want more... Next week, we will be making Jaguars!

We also practiced place value using ice cube trays from the Dollar Tree! I first saw this idea on (Don't you just LOVE that guy??) and knew that I MUST run out immediately and get some of my own, and I found PINK ones!! HEE HEE...

OHMYSNAPS! Aren't they soooo beauteous?? And the rods fit oh so well in those spaces! I highly recommend that you run out to the Dollar Tree right NOW and get some of these babies!

Last, but not least, we culminated our America Unit with Oral Reports on American Symbols. Check out this cutie with his really AMAZING Bald Eagle project!

He was also the one who wore a penguin hat when he did his black and white report--I am thinking that is his signature oral report attire, right??

I almost forgot!! The winner of the Hear-All Assessment Recorder is... (click below) We will be contacting Yvonee with some details! Congrats, girl!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tricky Y FREEBIES, and some Squiggle CUTENESS!

Hi Peeps! It's Tuesday already!! YAY! Kerri here...
First of all, A big GINORMOUS thank you to those of you who already got my Amazing Alphabet Pack
I shudder to think about next year already, but it will be here before we know it! For you Kinder teachers out there, this pack is the perfect culmination of a year spent learning the ABC's (Aah, my fond memories of teaching Kindergarten all those years!)

 I have some FREEBIES for you! But first, here are some pictures of our latest Squiggles from my Squiggle Writing Pack!
I tell you kids never cease to amaze me with their creativity. They see things I would NEVER see when they make their squiggle story. Here are some fun ones...
Hedgie from the Jan Brett books

A tea pot!

A whale

Her hair. And...she wrote that she love Phineas from Phineas and Ferb. HA!

A bird

They made some SUPER cute ones this week, and I can't wait to share them when I get around to grading yet ANOTHER mountain of papers this weekend (Can you tell I'm sooo excited??)

Here are 2 freebies for you! The first I posted last year around this time when we were teaching about the sound Tricky Y. I thought I would post it again since we have a "few" more followers than we did last April (we love you guys!!)
It is a read the room center called "The Grouchy Fy". Print up the cards, laminate (natch!) and tape around your room. Have the kids use clipboards to look for all of the grouchy fly cards, read the sentences, and write the words that have the 2 sounds for tricky y on their recording paper. Easy peasy and they LOVE LOVE it!!
Click on the fly to download...

I also made a SUPER SIMPLE (not cute, don't judge!) word sort cut and paste for my kiddos to practice the tricky y sounds this week. Not only do they have to cut and paste the correct word onto the correct column, they also have to read the words to their table partner and then their partner gets to put a happy face on their paper as proof that they read the words. They LOVE being the boss of their partners, do they not?? It also keeps my kids accountable with practicing reading the words, not just cutting and gluing and calling it a day. You know what I mean??

Click on the other fly to download...

That's all I got folks!! But, be sure to enter our giveaway for the Hear-All Assessment Recorder! It ends tomorrow! And, I'll be back later this week with a giveaway for this little baby...
Oh snaps!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

ABC Packet, and some randomness!!

Happy Sunday night, Peeps! Kerri here...
I channeled my inner Kindergarten teacher this evening and just uploaded a new Amazing Alphabet Packet to TPT that I'm SUPER excited about! This little packet is PERFECT for a review for the end of Kindergarten and PERFECT for the beginning of First Grade as a review after the summer learning slump! (I can't believe I am already thinking about my new crop of firsties next year! I'm NOT ready!!)

Check it out...
Here's what you get...

-Alphabet picture and word or letter match-
laminate and cut out ABC picture cards, word cards and letter cards. Students can match up the ABC picture card to it’s corresponding word or letter, OR match all 3 cards together for a challenge! 

-Alphabet Syllable Sort-
laminate and cut out ABC picture word cards. Students can sort alphabet cards by the number of syllables and complete the corresponding worksheet.

-Alphabet ABC Order-
Use laminated Alphabet picture word cards. Students choose 5 alphabet cards and put in ABC order. They write the words on the worksheet and repeat this process a total of 3 times. 

-Alphabet Mystery Words-
laminate and cut out ABC Mystery word cards. Students spell out different mystery words by using the beginning sound of each picture on each card and complete the corresponding 2-sided worksheet.

-My ABC Book-
laminate and cut out ABC Chart mats. Photocopy the cover and inside page of the ABC book back to back to make a total of 12 pages (enough for the entire alphabet.) Students make their own ABC book using the ABC Chart for reference.

-Alphabet Rebus Sentences-
laminate and cut out sight word cards. Students use the sight words and Alphabet 
picture cards to make rebus sentences, then write those sentences on the 
corresponding worksheet. 

I also have uploaded some new writing packs this weekend, if you are interested. Here they are, are sparkly and new!

also, a WILD WILD WEST writing center but the picture won't upload!! DARNIT!
FINALLY! But soooo tiny! Whatever...

I leave you with a couple of funny pictures from last week...
First up, WORM day!

Need I say more?? HILARIOUS!

This next one speaks for itself...
uuummmmm, I THINK she is wearing a tutu?? I REALLY hope she is wearing a tutu, and this is not something else altogether! YIKES!
Those little lice look like they're having a PARTY and a half!! Love!

Make sure you enter to win the Hear-All Assessment Recorder! The giveaway will end on Wednesday! click below to enter...
I'll be back later this week with some FREEBIES and some more pictures of our Squiggle Stories!! Hope your Monday is wicked AWESOME!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hear-All Assessment Recorder Giveaway, and other things!

Happy Thursday, friends! Kerri here...
I just HAD to share my Katie Bug's Yearbook Cover entry for her school. I think it is so adorable!!
I know if I were the judge, she would win FOR SURE!! Don't you all agree?? :)

Here's an idea for your Spring bulletin board-we made butterflies last week and flowers today from my Rainforest Fun Art and Writing Pack, and these 2 projects are doubling for my April board, since my Open House isn't until June 7th. Yup, you heard me right, peeps! June 7th!! Most of you will be all tan and relaxed enjoying your summer, while I will be all frazzled and neck deep in Open House madness!! Sigh...
Anyway, here it is all put up!

Next week, we will be diving into the making all of the animals in the rainforest, and after that, it's Rainforest Madness until June 7th, baby!

Now, on to the extra-exciting part of this post, my Learning Resources Hear-All Assessment Recorder review!
I was soooo excited when Learning Resources contacted me and asked me to review this AWESOME product. I had NOTHING to record my kids' reading with, and when their generous offer came, I knew this would be PERFECT for my class!

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it is AMAZING!! My kidlets are sooo excited every time they see me take it out, and they ALL want to be recorded while they read. Here are some of the ways I have put it to use in my classroom...
During Accelerated Reader, while I listen to a student read her AR book. I can email her recording to her mom!

During partner reading of our Houghton-Mifflin story. I was helping my low babies read, so I let the Assessment recorder monitor how the other groups were partner reading!

During small reading groups. After my students read with each other, they got to listen to their recording! They LOVED it!!

During my Henry and Mudge Book Club with a small group. They each took turns reading a page and then we listened to it together. THey were AMAZED! And, a little embarassed! :)

This little device is small, compact, and records REALLY well. The voices are clear when I play it back and it is SUPER simple to use! I just plug it into my computer and I can save the files to email to my parents! I think the best thing about the HEAR-ALL Assessment Recorder from Learning Resources is how motivated the kids are to use it, and the fact that it can be my ears even when I am not right there! To learn more about the Hear All-Assessment Recorder, and other great products from Learning Resources, click the links below...
You can visit Learning Resource's FACEBOOK page here :)

You can go to their TWITTER page here :)

And, their YOUTUBE page here! :)

Learning Resources is allowing me to give one of these GREAT products away to one of you, our loyal followers! This is a $99.99 value! How cool is that?! To sweeten the pot even more, Lindsay and I will throw in one product from either of our TPT stores. Are you intrigued yet?? :)
We will be using Rafflecopter for our giveaway because it is THE BOMB-DIGGIDY and so easy to use! You can earn 4 separate chances to win:

  1. Like Learning Resources on Facebook
  2. Become a follower of our blog, or tell us that you already are a follower!
  3. Follow Kerri's TPT store
  4. Follow Lindsay's TPT store
Easy, Peasy Lemon Squeezy, right?? We will pick a winner next Wednesday night, April 25th, so jump on it, Peeps!! 

Click the rafflecopter below to enter...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earth Week FUN!! and another Earth Day FREEBIE!

Hi Friends! Kerri here...
First off, a big old THANK YOU to those of you who have already picked up my new writing pack...
Trust me, your kiddos will LOVE writing a squiggle story! In fact, one of my kiddos today asked why the sub didn't share their squiggle stories yesterday. Oops! That is because your big old slacker teacher hasn't even looked at the GINORMOUS stack of papers from before Spring Break! Sorry, sweets! Guess I know what I'm gonna be doing tonight while I watch my stories (New Girl-LOVE!)...

WOW! Back at work after 10 fun-filled days of vacation was NOT easy, let me just tell you! I felt like I was in a TOTAL fog! We did manage to start our Earth Week Extravaganza today with my 
100% Green Skip Counting Center

"Re-Usable" Bar Graph Center

"Organic" Number Puzzles 1-12!!  Did you already pick up your Earth Day Numbers 13-24 Puzzles FREEBIE from my TPT store?? I hope so! It's FREE!

Here are our Earth Day art projects! Aren't they Bee-You-Tiful? Directions and writing paper can be found here!
I HEART the Earth Art Project! SOOO pretty! 

And, seeing as how Earth Day is actually on a Sunday this year, I have decided that I will be extending my Earth Week madness for next week too! I have WAY too many Earth Day centers and NOT nearly enough time! Anyone with me?? :)

Up tomorrow...WORMS!! I used to do worms for "W" week every year when I taught Kinder and I am excited to bring them back with my Firsties! We will be exploring these little guys with our 2nd grade buddies tomorrow!
We will be writing about how we love and can help the Earth on Thursday, so I created this bubble map to help my Firsties brainstorm some ways they can help the Earth. Click below for your own copy!
How are you celebrating Earth Day/Week?? 

I'll be back on Thursday! Stay tuned...
XOXO Kerri