Friday, April 27, 2012

A whole bunch of good old randomness!!

Hey friends!  Lindsay here . . .

Tonight you are going to get a bit of BOTH of us, Kerri and I.  How lucky are you?  Answer: very.

Wow.  I feel like I have SO much to catch up on!  We have been busy little kinder kidlets . . . working on Earth Day, Open House, Mother's Day, etc. etc. etc. You get the idea.

First off: Earth Day.  Unfortunately I don't have many pictures to share, but we did do all sorts of fun things . . .

First, we did a beach cleanup .  Yes, my crazy school is on the beach.  This is my view every morning when I pull up: boardwalk, basketball courts, lifeguard tower and sand.

Next, I invited the father of one of my students to come in and talk about the importance of using reusable bags.  Not only did he share great insight with the kiddos, but he even brought each student a reusable bag of their own to take home from his very own company, LOVE Reusable Bags.  Check them out HERE - aren't the little snack bags adorable? 

Finally we wrapped up Earth Day by writing our own Earth Day pledges, and they turned out SO cute. 

This student wrote: 1. I will recycle aluminum. 2. I will clean up trash, and 3. I will take a quick shower.

I love what this students said on #2: I will be careful to not step on a worm.  Good stuff. :)

If you would like to download this lil handy graphic organizer, click the image below.  (I know, I know . . . Earth Day is over. Print it, save it, and pull it out next year people.)

The next big hooha (is that a word?) in our room with be our "Muffins With Mom" tea in two weeks.  My kidlets are stoked. Over the moon.  Giddy with excitement.  Except for the little boy who asked if he will have to wear a dress.  But don't worry . . . he is coming around.

Being a brand-new mommy myself this year, I wanted to do something extra special for all of the hardworking moms of my kiddos.  So in addition to a handmade gift, we will be have tea and treats, and presenting the moms with a wonderful, homemade cards of heartfelt sentiments. 

First, we filled out our official Muffins With Mom invitations - to be sent out next week.

Next, we filled out our graphic organizer about why we love our moms.  My wonderful writer-kidlets will be using their graphic organizer and putting their ideas into complete sentences! (Insert proud teacher face here.)

I LOVED this student's second idea so much: I love my mom because she works so so hard.  AFTER I stopped sobbing uncontrollably (yes, still have mommy guilt about going back to work), this sparked a GREAT discussion about WHY some mommies have to go to work.  Incorrect answer: "So they can buy stuff." Correct answer: "So they can take care of us." 

This was another sweet one. Reason #3: She makes me laugh.  (More tears.)

Next up - a Mother's Day craftivity.  In keeping with our tea party theme, we will be  making these ADORABLE little teacups for the front of our Mother's Day cards with the words "You are my cup of tea!". 

If you want to pick up my Mother's Day "My Cup Of Tea" pack at TPT, click on the teapot below. Included in this pack you get:

-Muffins With Mom invitation (customizable for your school, students, date, etc.)
-Teacup craftivity with step-by-step instructions and pictures
-What I Love About Mom graphic organizer
-What I Love About Mom writing paper
-All About Mom fill-in-the-blank activity (Warning: responses may be unexpected and highly hilarious!!)

If you check out this unit on my TPT store, pay no attention to the horrible preview images - the fonts are not showing correctly. Grrrrr. (Click on the preview image instead.)

Well, that's all for me tonight folks.  Happy Friday!

Good Evening, Faithful Followers! Kerri here...
I'm gonna keep it short and sweet tonight, cause Peeps, I am T.I.R.E.D.! What a week! This week, we were working on our Rainforest Unit whilst learning about macaws (Exhibit A)...

Aren't they pretty and bright?? Sharpie and oil pastels are a magical combination!
We also bubble-mapped AND tree mapped our thoughts on macaws (Exhibit B)...

These activities are found in my Rainforest Fun! Art and Writing Pack, if like what you see and want more... Next week, we will be making Jaguars!

We also practiced place value using ice cube trays from the Dollar Tree! I first saw this idea on (Don't you just LOVE that guy??) and knew that I MUST run out immediately and get some of my own, and I found PINK ones!! HEE HEE...

OHMYSNAPS! Aren't they soooo beauteous?? And the rods fit oh so well in those spaces! I highly recommend that you run out to the Dollar Tree right NOW and get some of these babies!

Last, but not least, we culminated our America Unit with Oral Reports on American Symbols. Check out this cutie with his really AMAZING Bald Eagle project!

He was also the one who wore a penguin hat when he did his black and white report--I am thinking that is his signature oral report attire, right??

I almost forgot!! The winner of the Hear-All Assessment Recorder is... (click below) We will be contacting Yvonee with some details! Congrats, girl!

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Rachelle said...


Sharon drove us by your school when I was in Newport! It's AMAZING and completely charming!!!

Looks like you ladies have been busy doing the cutest of things!!!

Miss Kindergarten said...

HAHA! "answer: very". You guys always crack me up!! I just imagine Kerri sitting next to Lindsay tapping her foot waiting for her to finish so she can start typing! love you two!


Kim said...

hey...I noticed the beach you guys teach at that elementary on the peninsula in Newport?!! I grew up in the summer down family had a house on W. Bay (the bay side) between 10th and 11th....this is very fun for me to see b/c I get so homesick for CA...

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

The little guy with the bald eagle report is so precious! I would love for my kiddos to take half as much pride in his work as him!
The view from your school is gorgeous, Lindsay!
Stories From Second

Unknown said...

Love the birds!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Sarah Paul said...

Oh my goodness, so many good ideas here! I love your blog!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Mrs. Anderson said...

You two do an awesome job! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!
Connie :)

Amy C said...

Your school is on the beach? Soooooo jealous right now!

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