Sunday, April 29, 2012

Summer Olympics, Superheroes, and a Math FREEBIE!

Good Morning, friends! Kerri here...

I LOVE the Summer Olympics! Like, I seriously LOVE them. I love the theme song, I love the opening ceremonies, I love Bob Costa announcing and commentating, I love this guy...
Oh Michael, I forgive you for getting all wild and crazy at that party after the last Olympics. You were obviously under alot of stress!

Most of all, I love this sport and these gentlemen...their muscles are HUGE!  I mean, they are AMAZING talented on those rings! 

What I DO NOT love, however, is when I go on the internet and Yahoo ruins it for me by announcing winners before I have actually watched the event. DANGIT!

To celebrate the upcoming Summer Olympics in London this summer (Man, 2 of my favorite things-the Olympics and London, what I wouldn't give to be there!), I have created my Summer Olympics! Math and Literacy Centers Pack!! Cue Olympics theme song...
This pack is the perfect way to get your little cuties all excited about the upcoming Summer Olympics (remember, most of them were wee babies when the Olympics were on last time!) AND this packet is sure to keep them engaged during the "I could care less about school cause I want it to be summer already" period that we are all going through right now! Am I right??
Here is what you get... 10 centers total!

Literacy Centers:
-Summer Olympics Contractions-
laminate and cut out Olympics word cards. Students use cards to match up the contractions and fill out the 2-sided worksheet.
-Summer Olympics! Sentence Scramble-
laminate and cut out word cards. Students unscramble sentences and complete the 2-sided worksheet, adding correct capitalization and punctuation.
-Summer Olympics! ABC Order-
laminate and cut out word cards. Students put cards in ABC order and complete the ABC ORder worksheet.
-Summer Olympics! Making Words-
laminate and cut out letter cards. Students use letters to make words and write those words on the worksheet.
-Summer Olympics! Vowel Sort-
laminate and cut out word cards. Students sort words by short or long vowel and then complete corresponding 2-sided worksheet.

Math Centers:
-Summer Olympics! Bar Graph-
laminate and cut out Olympics picture cards. Students sort cards and then make a bar graph and answer questions based on the data on 2-sided worksheet.
-Summer Olympics! Fact Family Sort-
laminate and cut out fact family and number sentence cards. Students sort number sentences by fact family and record their work on worksheet.
-Summer Olympics! Add 3-
laminate and cut out number cards. Students sort cards by picture, add the 3 numbers on the cards, and write number sentences on worksheet
-Summer Olympics! Subtraction Match-Ups-
laminate and cut out number cards. Students match subtraction facts with their sums and record number sentences on the worksheet.
-Summer Olympics! Part/Part/Whole-
laminate and cut out part/part/whole number cards and the missing number cards. Students put the missing numbers where they belong on the part/part/whole cards and write the corresponding addition or subtraction fact on the worksheet.

You can also get the Summer Olympics Writing Center companion!

SUPERHEROES!! OHMYSNAPS!! I about died of giddyness when I saw these from Melonheadz! Isn't She-Hulk adorbs?? My kidlets are going to freak the freak out when I show them this one!

Click on any of the above pictures to go to my TPT store. You won't regret it, I promise! :)

Here is a little freebie to throw in your math centers this week. All it requires is dominoes. Kiddos choose a domino, draw the dots, and write an addition and subtraction sentence that go with the domino. Done and Done! Click on the domino to download!
Hope your Sunday is FABULOUS!! I'll be back later this week with the LUNA projector giveaway, I promise!


♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥ said...

Wow those look AMAZING!! Headed to TPT to add them to my wishlist! :)

Jill said...

These look great, planning on getting them tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Your packs look great!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Lohren Nolan said...

How cute! What a great idea!

Lohren Nolan

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm a new follower from Pinterest. I enjoy seeing your many educational ideas. My daughter is in public school, but I'd love to homeschool her so we often do activities like these at home. Looking forward to more! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome resource which I found via the ever helpful Twitter!

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