Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Christmas relaxation...and a new Winter Unit!

Hello, my blogging buddies! Kerri here...

Well, we survived Christmas!! We went to 3 houses in 2 days, ate entirely too much food, but got to see all of our loved ones, including my dad, who I hardly ever get to see, so I was very happy! 
Can't you just see the love between these 2 girls overflowing?? (NOT)

We have also been immersed in all things Hobbit around here...
Saw it twice! And, yes, I do now own the soundtrack as well!

This lego set was a gift from Santa to Katie, and I think I might like it better than her. Isn't it fun??

Yup, even a Hobbit notebook, complete with map of Middle Earth. I know, I know. I'm a major nerd!
My husband is also planning on us going camping next week in his Christmas present...
Ummm, does he not realize that I'm more of a Marriott Timeshare type girl? I'm just a wee bit frightened...ugh.

I also FINALLY finished my Snowman Soup Centers! FINALLY! Sakes alive, I feel like I was working on these For-EV-uh! But, they're finished and they are ADORBS! I know I say that every time I make a new set, but seriously, snowman and all things Winter just kill me, they're so cute!
(clickety click for a closer looksie)

All kinds of Wintery goodness for your kidlets to sink their brains into when we get back from break, which isn't until January 7th for me, Praise the Lord! I guess I know what I'm going to be doing next week to get these ready... starts with an L and rhymes with waminating!!

Talk to you soon, friends! Hope your holidays were AH-MAZING!
XOXO Kerri B