Monday, December 10, 2012

He's Making A List, and Checking It Twice . . .

Evening folks!  Lindsay here . . .

Ahhhh . . .it feels good to be at the computer in my fat pants sipping some delicous coffee and catching up with y'all! 

Last week was a rough one for the Messyhair familly. I came down with a terrible cold and felt as though I had been hit by a bus . . . We're talking "mommy-is-too-sick-to-shower-today-and-we-are-having-grilled-cheese-for-dinner-again" kind of sick.  Luckily, I have one amazing husband.  He stepped up and did the grocery shopping, let me sleep in, ran errands, cleaned the house . . . UNTIL . . .

He got sick too.  Dangit.  That moment was too good to be true. ;)

And then, of course, Baby Jack got sick too.  So there we were . . . three snotty, irritable sickies all sipping tea in our fat pants. 

Well not really, but you get the idea.

But now, I am happy to say I am feeling quite better - and I am excited to share with you all what the Mighty Mites in Room 17 have been up to lately . . .

First off, we did some writing for Christmas.  Rather than having my kiddos write what they wanted for Christmas, I had them write a letter to Santa explaining WHY they had either been A: naughty, or B: nice, this year.

(Of course, they ALL assured Santa they had been very, very nice!)

Adorable, right?  This student gives lots of high fives to her friends . . .

A few more reasons to be on the "nice" list: kissing and hugging mom, eating his vegetables, and going to the grocery store with her mom. 
(If you'd like a copy of this Naughty or Nice template, click the Santa below)
So, of course to go along with our letters to Santa, we also had to make some adorable Santas . . .  I changed up my Santa from last year and had my kiddos rip loooooooong white pieces for a wilder, blowing-in-the-breeze kind of beard, and I love how they turned out! 

The dimensions for "breezy beard Santa" are as follows:

9x6 peach for face (horizontal)
1x2 red for nose
2x4 pink for cheeks (makes two - fold and make two circles)
3x3 white for hat poof
9x7 red for hat (fold and cut triangle from bottom corners in to the top at the fold)
9x2 white for hat trim (make oval)
12x18 green for background
And each student needs one 9x12 white piece to start ripping for the beard, although more white will probably be needed!! :)

I used our Santa letters and art for our December Kindergarten hallway bulletin board and it turned out so cute!  And a great reminder to my kidlets that Santa is making a list . . AND HE IS WATCHING!!!!!!!

Along with getting ready for Santa, my kiddos have also been having fun with my Merry & Bright Holiday Math and Literacy Centers (click cover image to check out the whole unit in my TPT store):


My kids really enjoyed the Sweet Treat Sound Count - segmenting and counting sounds in words!

They also practiced their number sequencing skills to 20 with Feliz Navidad Find the Number:

This week my kiddos will be busy with more Merry and Bright goodness, including graphing, a medial vowel sort, and patterns!

Well, thats about it for now . . . just one more picture to share with you all.  We got our tree recently (before the whole family got sick) and Jack had the BEST time!  Even though we didn't get the $100 tree.  Sorry bud!

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season with your families as well!  Goodnight!



Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Oh Lindsay this is awesome! I'm sitting here (on my computer in my fat pants-blue/green flannel) laughing out loud-but not at the fact that you were sick and then your hubby, and then your bitty too:( So not fun and even worse when the Mr. gets it. They are the worst. Mine isn't even able to make himself a piece of toast when he's sick!

Your Santa's are classic. Love how they all have their own personality-too cute. Happiest of Holidays to you and Kerri!

Fluttering Through First Grade

Miss Kindergarten said...

I love everything about this post!!

Barbara said...

Love your naughty nice letters and those Santas with the wild beards. Glad you're feeling better.

Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

Primary Paradise said...

Love the Santas. Can't wait to see what my kiddos write about... being naughty or nice. Thank you for the freebie.
Primary Paradise

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