Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bright Ideas Blog Hop! Copies, copies everywhere!!!

Hi there Bright Ideas Blog Hoppers!! Kerri B here...

Thanks for visiting Teacher Bits and Bobs as part of our Bright Ideas Blog Hop for March!

I am here to talk to you about Copies Organization! Do any of you sometimes feel as if your all copies are threatening to literally engulf your classroom and totally take over? Like, where in the heck am I supposed to put all these frazzling copies? Especially if you have some things prepared weeks in advance? Where do THOSE copies go??

I have the same exact problem. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine had to stage a "copies intervention" in my classroom, because they were LITERALLY all over the place, with NO sort of organization, no rhyme or reason, NOTHING!!
 My friend, who is UBER-ORGANIZED, got a twitch every time she came to visit me in my classroom, it was that bad!

Intro the hallowed copies box, and all of my problems were solved!!

I got this box from Staples, and added a bunch of file folders labeled with different subjects, for different days of centers, homework, warm-ups, social studies and science, etc. All of the copies for the following week, month, what have you, go into this box. 
This box is my best friend, let me tell you, and helps me know exactly where to find what!
Now, occasionally the copies in this box will become overwhelmed and the box will be stuffed to the max, like if there was an activity that I planned for and didn't get to or whatever. 
So about once a month, I go through the box and take out all of the copies that I know I won't be using. To make sure I'm not wasting paper, I use the blank side of the copies for my printer paper. Re-purposed copies, HOLLA!

When I get my centers ready each day, I put all of the copies for those particular centers (if there are any, sometimes there aren't), along with the manipulatives or laminated cards the kids will be using (whatever the case may be), and put them into these sterilite boxes that I picked up from Target this summer. 
BAM! Everything is self-contained and the kids can just grab the box and head to their station!!

Also, these Sterilite drawers (also from Target) are where I store all of my thematic centers for each month. Since it is March, I have pulled out my March Math, Literacy, and Writing centers and keep them over by my copies box, so I can just grab what I need everyday!!

So there you have it! A way to keep your copies and other centers materials from strangling the life out of you! Hope this little blog post has been helpful to you and can help you get those  copies under control!!!

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The Colorful Apple said...

Great idea! Those copies can get overwhelming! I'm either behind on what I need or so far ahead, I don't know where to put them (and end up losing them)!

Sara :)
The Colorful Apple

Gladys said...

Getting my copies organized is always a struggle! I love this system...thanks for sharing! :)

Teaching in High Heels

Katie- Following My Heart to First Grade said...

Such a great idea! I hate storing copies, but it is so nice to be prepared!

Lnabors said...

Thank you for sharing. I really needed that. I am going in search of a box now! :)

Justin said...

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